Windows Not Reading External Hard Disk Recovery from Muniswaran

Aug.2, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Muniswaran who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve all important data from external hard drive when Windows has troubles reading it:

"Hi Team,
I had trouble with Windows reading my external hard disk. I'm glad I stumble upon your product. I managed to retrieve all the important data using your software. Its definitely worth the buy. Thank you so much for a such a great product.

Here is the original email screenshot:

windows not read external hdd

Recover External Drive Data When Windows Cannot Read the Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, friends! Your Windows computer is also unable to read the external hard disk with many important videos, audios, documents, mails, photos and files, just like the above iCare Data Recovery Pro user? OK! Go try this USB hard drive with other USB cables or computer USB ports and start iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve your drive files back as many as possible. Honestly, with the Deep Scan Recovery mode of this data recovery software, you also can easily scan different types of drive files as possible as you can and take the recoverable ones back with success. Also want to have a try? All right! Go read more related not reading external drive data loss cases and learn how to recover lost data with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

"Hello! I am a Windows 7 computer user and now have a problem in reading a WD external hard disk. Honestly, after upgrading the computer operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 8, the plunged WD external drive just does not appear in My Computer as usual. It just shows as not initialized in Disk Management. What should I do now? Is it possible for me to rescue and access the files inside this not reading USB hard drive? Any idea?"

"My Toshiba USB portable hard drive cannot be shown in My Computer and Disk Management. I just only have used it on a Mac PC of my friend, not the common Windows OS computers. Does that help for you? What can I do now to recover data from this not detecting external drive? Please help me!"

"Hi! Do you know how to access data on a Seagate USB hard drive that is not recognized by my Windows computer? It just could be found in my computer and Disk Management. But, it also always stops any access with drive not formatted error message. CHKDSK also stops for RAW drives. You get any idea to retrieve external drive data? Thanks for any help!"

And, no matter how this not reading external drive shows in Disk Management of your computer, you’d better not format or rewritten it in case of worse data loss troubles. And then, download and run iCare Data Recovery Pro to perform a deep scan there and retrieve lost data as much as possible.
Here are simple steps for you to take lost data from your external drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro:
Step1. Go download and launch iCare Data Recovery Pro on your computer partition.
Step2. Select Deep Scan Recovery mode there to start the drive scanning process.
Step3. Preview the scanned pictures, documents and files by easily click the found information listed there.
Step4. Recover and save wanted original external drive files to another partition, drive or device well.

Notes and Tips:
*If your external hard drive cannot be read by any computer or our iCare Data Recovery Pro, it must be corrupted physically. Go see whether it could be fixed by some experts out there.
*If you do preview the found files carefully and find most of your desired data is recoverable, merely go purchase a code for farther data recovery.
*If you do not want to lose external drive data again, always back up drive data well on multiple drives or devices well all the time.

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