Windows Computer C Drive Backup Folder Data Recovery from Vivek

Feb. 22, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Vivek who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost data that had been backed up well in C drive before Windows restore:

"Hello, my license name is vivek sharma. I have made backup of my data in "C" drive before Windows restore but now am able to find that backup folder through your software icare."

Here is the original email screenshot:

Recover Computer Hard Drive Data after System Restore with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When you do have stored or backed up some important data, like PPT/EXCEL/DOC/TXT files, videos, music, mails, achieve files, messages and more files on the computer internal hard drive or partitions in advance and then, do have to perform a system restore on this drive or partition latter since you realize the computer Windows system is damaged, corrupted or crashed somehow and cannot be performed smoothly as before, you’d never add or move new data to that pacific computer drive or partition and go run iCare Data Recovery Pro to rescue your original drive or partition data as much as possible. In fact, after restoring your computer system, no matter whether you do have reserved your desired original data on the computer C drive or system partition, your precious documents, videos, music, messages, mails, photos and more information may not be completely overwritten or lost permanently. Merely go start iCare Data Recovery Pro on your PC and perform a deep partition scanning process there to take all possible recoverable data back. Of course, in case of data recovery failures, also remember to store all restored partition data on another drives or devices well at last.

Hence, if you do have lost your computer hard drive data after system restore, go use iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

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