Virus Crashed Hard Drive Lost File Recovery from Adele

Jul.27, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Adele who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all lost photos, videos and files from a 500GB hard drive that crashed due to a virus:

"Hi Tom…With so many different recovery software programs out there on the internet, I had a difficult time in choosing the right software but decided to purchase from ICare Recovery based on reviews and the option to do a free download. The free download detected my lost files from a hard drive that crashed due to a virus that left it render less. I have a PC with a 500GB hardrive. Before I could do all this, I had to pull out the crashed hard drive and add it as an external drive to another computer. I ran an anti-virus software on it and after it completed, I looked at the properties for that drive and it literally showed no data. I was depressed thinking all of my photos and videos were gone. I ran the ICare Recovery software and "voila" my files, including photos and videos, were found. I really believe that it recovered "ALL" of my data/photos on the drive. I just couldn't believe it found my files! Thank you for making such a good software recovery program. Oh, I also needed some questions to be answered and I always got an expeditious response. That's what I call an excellent customer service.

Here is the original email screenshot:

virus crashed hdd file recovery

Recovering Data from Virus Crashed Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Really want to know whether it is really possible to retrieve photos, videos, audios, mails and more lost data from computer hard drive that has crashed due to virus? Or computer hard disk with much important data just has crashed suddenly and even cannot be detected by your computer? OK! No worry. In such cases, without hard drive data backups, you also have possibilities to take lost drive contents back with the help of iCare Data Recovery Pro.

And, merely read more related crashed hard drive data loss cases and learn how to recover data with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

"Hello, Seagate Baracuda 500GB hard drive crashed due to virus attack recently and did not show up in My Computer. Though it get recognized by another Windows 7 computer and still kept asking to format. What can I do now to recover files from virus crashed Seagate drive? Thanks for any help!"

"Hello, my Dell desktop seems to get virus infected though the installed antivirus software detects no suspicious threats. And then, the inner inserted hard disk also just stops working and seems to crash. But, there are still tons of documents, photos and files of the past years. What am I supposed to do for retrieving data from crashed hard disk due to virus? Any idea will be appreciated here. Thanks!"

"My WD hard drive recently failed due to virus attacking and no hard drive information showed and could be accessed on my PC. Do you have any idea about such failed hard drive problems? Is it possible to recover computer hard drive files now? Thank you in advance!"

Under such circumstances, fortunately, if your crashed hard disk is sill detectable on your PC, merely go scan and retrieve lost drive information with iCare Data Recovery Pro. But, if it could not be recognized on your computer, as the above iCare software user, unplug it out from your PC and re-plug it in the same or another computer as an external hard drive. And then, download and run iCare Data Recovery Pro to see how much original drive data is still recoverable.
No matter how your case goes now, here are simple steps for you to use iCare Data Recovery Pro easily and smoothly:
Step1. Download and install iCare software on a different computer internal hard drive.
Step2. Select a proper data recovery mode, like Deep Scan Recovery mode, to scan your crashed hard disk.
Step3. Patiently scan this hard drive and preview the scanned information carefully.
Step4. Recover lost data to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

*Deeply scan this virus crashed hard disk and preview the found files carefully before you are asked to purchase a code.
*Go get another functional external hard drive or storage device to save all retrieved information in case of worse data loss troubles.
*Make computer hard disk data backups well on several drives or devices well from now on.

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