USB Was Full But Not Showing Files

Nov.24, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Ejaz who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost data back from USB drive that was full, but not showing files, in a very short time:

"My USB was full but not showing files. I was much tense because my data was going to be lost. I tried a lot but could not find any solution to recover my data. Then after sometime, I found the iCare Data Recovery Pro. After installation I used I, Its procedure was very simple and I feel no problem to reach next point / level for completing the procedure of recovery data.
In the end, I got my files / data back in a very short time and in a nice way, as recovered files are straightly available (instead of linked / sub folders). I am thankful to “iCare Recovery”, as it was simply the best.
I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user. Thanks a Lot

Here is the original email screenshot:

usb full

Recover Data from USB Drive That Was Full but Not Showing Files with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, everyone there! You are also 100% sure that your flash drives, thumb drives, pen drives or the like USB dives are nearly full with important data, but, not showing files on your laptop, notebook, desktop or more PCs? OK! No worry! As with such full USB files not showing problems, people are often possible to resolve them straightly with several clues and also safely recover lost flash drive data back.
And, here are some common steps for you to take:

Step1. Find original USB drive files back by disabling "Do not show hidden files and folders"

Generally speaking, no matter whether your original pen drive is full with images, films, utilities, audios, games, videos and more files, one of the most possible reasons behind such not showing file problems is that you do have hided all drive files and folders mistakenly or unintentionally.

Hence, in order to let them all show up again, you are supposed to show all hidden files and folders again to take chances, like: Start => Run => Enter "control folders" => View => Pick "Show hidden files and folders" in the Advanced Settings list.
And then, check your drive to see whether your flash drive files are shown up again.   

Step2. Rescue lost flash drive information by removing drive viruses

But, under your circumstances, if the blank USB problems are caused by viruses, spyware, malware and the like vicious threats, you will not able to let your desired thumb drive information show up again, even when you do have followed the above guidance to unhide them. Why? You just have not taken the right measures to resolve it, right? Different causes often also call for distinct solutions correspondingly. Hence, just go try measures that   help resolve computer drive virus infection problems right now, like applying antivirus tools, Windows computer Microsoft Security Essential programs, Windows defender utilities and more. And then, if you still wonder whether you can rescue and view the lost drive information again, just click iCare Data Recovery Pro to perform pen drive file recovery there.

Step3. Recover data from USB with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Honestly, when your full USB pen drive is virus attacked, gets blank or unsupported file system errors or is corrupted anyhow, and bring you the similar drive files not showing up problems, you can easily apply iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover files from original USB drive. And, as long as your drive documents, tools and files are not corrupted completely, this iCare software often helps rescue them back with its all efforts.

Please Note: In comparison with USB drive with enough free space, the flash drive completely filled with data gets much higher chances to cause the mentioned files not showing issues, no response drive, and unopened drive files, etc. Hence, in the future, always take some precautions to leave enough free space for future use, like cleaning up USB regularly, managing pen drive files and folders often and removing drive viruses regularly, etc.
Overall, if you realty need iCare Data Recovery Pro to help rescue not showing files back, go download and install iCare Data Recovery Pro here to have a good try:

download DATA recovery softwareTry iCare Data Recovery Pro

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