USB Flash Drive File Recovery from Dryzone

Jun.3, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Dryzone who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all the files from USB flash drive:

"Your product worked like it was advertised. No problems recovering all the files from USB flash drive."

Here is the original email screenshot:

usb flash drive recovery

Recover Files Deleted or Lost from USB Flash Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When important files, music, documents, mails, messages, audios and more information are deleted or lost off from computer USB flash drive, iCare Data Recovery Pro, as an all-in-one data recovery tool, always helps perform a deep scanning and recover desired original USB contents back as possible as it can. Go read more related USB flash drive file loss troubles below and learn to take your deleted or lost drive information back with simple steps:

"Hello! I want to rescue a very large amount of personal data from a 16GB Toshiba USB flash drive. It was just deleted by my brother since he needed to create more free space for some new audios. You know how to recover deleted files from USB flash drive?"

"The day before yesterday, by mistake, I deleted about four folders that held some Word and Excel documents that I still needed. And I am using a Windows 7 dell computer. What can I do now to recover flash drive files back after delete? Any idea would be highly appreciated. Thanks!"

"Hello! I have a pen drive which has very important data stored. It always works well on my Samsung laptop. But, when I inserted it to the same computer last night, an error message appeared and asked me to format. But, it still held nearly 10GB of my computer documents, movies and games. Dose anyone know how to retrieve my lost pen drive data? Thank you very much in advance."

"Windows 8 computer USB drive has been formatted recently due to some mistaken data transformation. Do you know whether data stored on a formatted drive could be taken back or not? What can I do to recover data from USB flash drive after format? Thanks!"

Hello! In such cases, the most important step for you is to check your USB flash drive data backup devices and take everything lost or deleted back by simple copying and pasting processes. However, if you make no data backups of this flash drive, no panic! Connect this USB drive to your PC and start iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover deleted or lost flash drive data back.
And here is the simple data recovery tutorial of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you:

Step1. Plunge your USB drive to your computer and install data recovery software on your PC well.
Step2. Select the Scan Mode that you can to perform on your flash drive and start the scanning process there.
Step3. Preview the scanned and listed files on the right site to see whether they all are recoverable.
Step4. Select another connected storage device to save all retrieved Word and Excel documents in case of data recovery failures.

Please Notice:

*Install no software or save no new data on this USB flash drive which you want to recover data from. 
*Click the scanned documents to see whether they could be previewed well. Generally, as long as it could be previewed well there, it often is also able to be retrieved successfully.
*Save everything retrieved on other storage devices, like another flash drive, USB hard drives or more, in case of data recovery failures.

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