USB Drive Deleted Lost Picture Document File Recovery from Marci

May.2, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Marci who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to successfully recover deleted or lost documents of family history, pictures and files from USB drive:

"Wowsa, Just shouldn't be this hard considering I have paid for use of this software.
Totally recommend icare data recovery. Deleted files on USB icare restored all files including document of family history that I had been working on for months.
My "go to" program for recovering lost files, pictures due to ease of use and success of recovering files versus other programs I have tried, very simple interface even for us who aren't tech savvy. Easy solution at a reasonable price

Here is the original mail screenshot:

usb drive deleted pictures recovery

Recover Deleted or Lost Files from USB Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

As a reliable data recovery solution, iCare Data Recovery Pro has offered an easy-to-use data recovery interface and outstanding data recovery features for everyone to recover deleted or lost documents, videos, files, pictures and more USB drive information back with ease and success under different situations as below: 

"Hi! Honestly, I did have saved hundreds of school documents on a 16GB flash drive of my brother. And, yesterday, my brother just deleted many files and folders off from this USB drive to create more space without telling me. Does anyone know how to recover deleted files from USB flash drive? Thanks!"

"Hello! The day before yesterday, I just deleted a folder named Business Files inside a 4GB WD USB drive by mistake. What can I do now to get deleted business folder back? I just found nothing back from PC Recycle Bin. Thank you in advance!"

"Hello! About 2GB of my Toshiba USB pen drive information, many precious audios, videos and files, was lost while I was trying to transfer it all to my PC local disks. I just got no solution to recover it all back. Can you help me recover lost USB pen drive data back? Thanks!"

And no matter how your deleted or lost USB drive data loss trouble goes right now, in order to avoid worse troubles, stop saving or transferring new files to this original USB flash drive immediately. And then, connect this drive to your PC and see whether iCare Data Recovery Pro is able to recover your deleted or lost information back.
And here is the data recovery tutorial of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you:

Step1. Download and install this iCare software on your PC partitions or other storage devices, not this original USB drive.
Step2. Select "Deleted File Recovery" or "Deep Scan Recovery" mode on its main screen.
Step3. Preview the scanned documents, photos and files to pick your wanted ones out.
Step4. Specify a different saving path to hold and restore all desired information in case of data recovery failures. 

Please Attention:

*Save nothing new on this USB drive with deleted or lost data loss troubles before or after any data recovery process.
*Preview the found information to see whether all your desired information is viewable and recoverable before any purchase.
*Select three different data recovery modes available to cope with different USB flash drive data loss troubles in the future.
*Save two or more copies of everything precious to different USB drives, external drives or storage devices in the future.

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