Unsafely Removed WD External Hard Drive Lost Data Recovery from George

Jun.6, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called George who had used iCare software to recover most of lost files from WD external hard drive since he did not safely removed this drive from his computer:

"I used icare Recovery software for the first time when I lost all my data on my WD external hard drive simply because I didn't safely remove it from my computer. It was fantastic. I was able to retrieve most of my files which I thought were lost forever. Thanks to icare"

Here is the original email screenshot:

wd external hard drive data recovery

Recover Lost External Drive Files after Unsafely Removing Drive from Computer with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When a USB hard drive is unsafely removed out from a computer, it may not be seriously damaged and becomes irrecoverable. Oppositely, with the help of reliable external drive lost data recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, it is definitely possible for drive users to take lost drive songs, films, fames, documents, applications and files back with ease. Hence, in your case, go read more related external drive lost data loss troubles due to improper extractions and see how to recover desired USB hard drive files back with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

"Hello! I wonder whether you guys there can help me out. My Seagate removable hard drive was removed without clicking Safely Remove Hardware icon. It was just dropped to the ground for the hitting of my brother. And now, it keeps asking to format on my Windows 7 laptop. How to recover files from unsafely removed drive? Thanks for any idea!"

"Hi! I get problems to let my Windows PC read my WD 1TB USB hard drive which is extracted out from this computer during data transformation. And now, it gets CHKDSK RAW drive error and cannot be accessed on any computer or machine. You know what has happened to this external drive. Is it possible to recover data from external drive after improper extracting? Thank you in advance!"

"Yesterday, I just removed my connected USB hard drive out from my PC instead of a USB flash drive without using Safely Remove Hardware tool. And now, it was not recognizable on my computer and said it was in RAW format. Do you know what the RAW file system means and indicates? Is it possible for me to recover damaged external drive data due to mistaken drive extraction? Any idea would be highly appreciated here!"

"Hello! My removable hard drive was not safely removed out from my computer since it seemed to be virus infected. And now, the viruses have been cleaned up and how can I recover data from not safely removed hard drive? Thanks! "

Clicking the computer Safely Remove Hardware to extract external hard drive out from a computer always is necessary for drive users to prevent his drive from some unexpected drive corrupted issues, RAW file system issues, not formatted error issues and the like data loss troubles. And, in your case, merely stop adding new data on this drive and go download iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan the drive thoroughly and see how much original data is able to be recovered back.
Here are simple data recovery steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you:

Step1. Double click the iCare Data Recovery Pro icon listed on your computer desktop to run it well there.
Step2. Choose a proper data recovery mode according to your data loss situation and run a deep scan on the drive.
Step3. Preview the scanned pictures, documents and files to see whether most of your needed ones are recoverable.
Step4. Recover lost data to another external or internal hard drive after unsafely removing.

Tips for You:

*No matter what types of hard drive problems after that unsafely extraction, like unsupported RAW file system problems, unformatted drive problems, CHKDSK RAW drive problems and more, do not do anything else to this drive to avoid farther data loss issues.
*No matter how many files this software has helped you scanned out, merely click them one by one to preview and check whether they all are recoverable as you wish.
*No matter how urgent your case is, always allocate another storage device to hold all retrieved data in case of data recovery failures.
*No matter how urgent you will be in the future, always save computer drive data backups on different safe drives and locations well all the time.

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