Unreadable Laptop Hard Drive Document Photo Movie Recovery from Romano

Jun.14, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Romano who had used iCare software to recover lost documents, photos and movies back when his laptop did not boot anymore and the hard drive did not appear readable:

"I used iCare software when my laptop did not boot anymore and the hard drive (160GB 5400rpm) did not appear readable even use an external interface.
Before buying the full version I tried the free versions of many programs: file recovery, magic-uneraser, DataRescue, EasyRecovery I finally chose iCare and I was able to recover 100% of the documents that I had lost; 100% of the photos and movies. I have not been able to recover the directory structure and many file was saved without name, but through preview, I could recover all my files. At the end I been able to save 120 GB of data, although many files are stored 2/3 times. I can imagine to have saved at least 60 GB of useful data
I'm very happy of how it works and I would use again iCare.
Thank you very much!

Here is the original email screenshot:

unreadable laptop hdd photo movie recovery

Retrieve Data from Unreadable Laptop Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

iCare Data Recovery Pro is able to help scan and recover lost photos, videos, documents, audios and the like files from unreadable hard drive when the computer suddenly cannot boot up anymore. And moreover, as an effective and practical data recovery solution, it really helps deal with many related unreadable, unrecognizable, undetectable or corrupted laptop hard drive data loss troubles as below:

"HI! A Seagate external hard drive usually used on my Windows 7 computer always hang and could not be accessed this morning on my brother's Windows 7 laptop. It just gave an error message saying: 'the file and directory is corrupted and unreadable'. Do you know why my hard drive cannot be read well there? Do you have any idea to restore my lost data from this unreadable drive? Please help me!"

"Hello! Please help me! My 1TB Samsung internal hard drive has not been used on any computer or laptop over 6 months and today, when I tried to read it on my desktop computer, an error warning popped out and told me: 'the drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?' I had tried it on different USB ports and with different USB cables. It also gave the same result. CHKDSK also said it was not available for RAW drives. What can I do now to avoid losing drive data? How to fix this unrecognized hard drive problems? Thanks in advance!"

"Hi, all! My 1TB WD hard drive suddenly became unreadable on my Windows 10 computer yesterday, but, it just worked well on my PC for years and got no problems. Was it corrupted? Can anyone help me to solve this drive problem? Is it possible to recover drive files back? Thank you!"

"I have performed a complete format on my old hard drive that used on a Windows PC of my brother after I did have saved one copy of everything inside on another USB hard drive to back up. But, for some accidents, I did stop the formatting process while it was still running. Now, this old hard drive just cannot be detected well on my computer. The data backup device also gets problems and is not able to be accessed. Do you know why? How can I fix this old drive? How can I take drive data back? Any idea would be greatly appreciated here. Thanks!"

OK! In case that you do anything else to make everything worse, merely stop rewriting or using this unreadable or inaccessible hard drive and go start iCare Data Recovery Pro to perform a thoroughly scanning there. Honestly, as long as this internal or external hard drive is not mechanically damaged or completely failed, you get chances to recover lost Word/Excel/PDF/PPT documents, songs, movies, photos and more files back.
So, end using your drive and go follow the simple tutorial of iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve lost data:

Step1. Run this data recovery software on an internal computer hard drive partition or external storage device.
Step2. Choose a data recovery mode or file type mode from the main screen.
Step3. Scan this undetected hard drive and preview the listed information.
Step4. Save data to another computer storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:

*If you hard drive also cannot be detected by any data recovery software out there, it may get serious physical damages. Go get professional data recovery helps from some data recovery agencies or shops.
*When you really have seen much data listed on the software screen, go click and preview it all carefully to check whether it all is recoverable.
*Save everything restored on a different storage device to avoid data recovery failures at last.
*Never fail to back up your hard drive data again in the future.

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