Unreadable Corrupted USB Flash Drive File Recovery from Steven

Jun.9, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Steven who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost data from numerous USB flash drive that were unreadable by the OS and several hard drives that were formatted or corrupted in some way:

"That sounds great! I've used iCare in the past to recover numerous USB flash drives that were unreadable by the OS, as well as several hard drives that were formatted or corrupted in some way (partition table unreadable, etc.)
I've used iCare since version 3.  I had downloaded a demo, which was able to see files I thought were lost forever.  So I purchased it, and have been using it ever since.  It has been a real life saver.
And, even if your drive has bad sectors, you can clone it to another blank drive using finnix/ddrescue, then run iCare to get the data back. Fantastic!

Here is the original email screenshot:

corrupted usb flash drive recovery

Recover Files from Unreadable Corrupted USB Flash Drive

When you connect your USB flash drive to your computer or laptop, a pop-out error message says: "drive or file is corrupted and unreadable", when your thumb drive is not accessible now on your PC due to drive logical damages (like drive unformatted errors, drive RAW format errors and more causes), virus attack or OS problems, etc, or when your pen drive seems to be corrupted right now and cannot be opened due to your rude removing, dropping or other operations, in order to rescue your lost files, iCare Data Recovery Pro could be your chances to go on. Just deeply scan this unreadable corrupted USB drive and get original documents, pictures mails, videos, audios and more back as you wish.

Retrieve Data from Formatted or Corrupted Hard Drives

"Computer WD hard drive has been used for a long time and now seems to be corrupted. So, I do have formatted it and wonder whether it is possible to rescue the left drive files back. Can anybody give me some suggestions? Thanks? "

"Windows 7 desktop computer hard drive got corrupted last month during Windows 8 OS installing. And it also kept asking to format while being used on another computer. Can I format it now and also recover lost computer data from this corrupted drive? Thank you in advance!"

"Hello! Seagate internal hard drive used on my Samsung computer was formatted since it was corrupted and needed to be formatted before use. So, is it possible to retrieve all my drive contents back after format? Thanks for your help!"

Your formatted or corrupted hard drive data loss problems are far more completed and difficult than the above listed cases? But, also want to retrieve data from formatted or corrupted drive? All right! No worry! Just make sure nothing else has been written on this corrupted or formatted hard drive and run iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan this drive to rescue lost contents back. Perform a Deep Scan Recovery mode there patiently.

Rescue Lost Information from Unreadable Hard Drive Partitions

In some cases, computer hard drive partition could become unreadable without data backups only because this partition is virus infected. It is also possible to be inaccessible or corrupted due to partition corruption, improper format, reformat or repartitioning process. Of course, sometimes, it is only because your internal or external hard drive partitions merely get bad sectors or other logical damages. However, no matter why your hard drive partitions is unreadable and corrupted somehow, we would recommend you stop using this drive partition and run iCare Data Recovery Pro to take recoverable information back as much as possible. The Lost Partition Recovery mode or Deep Scan Recovery mode could be your good choices.

Simple Data Recovery Tutorial of iCare Data Recovery Pro

No matter what type of data loss troubles problems related to your hard drives, flash drives or drive partitions you do have encountered, here is the simple data recovery tutorial of iCare Data Recovery Pro to follow:
Step1. Download and launch iCare Data Recovery Pro on another storage device of your computer.
Step2. Select a fixable data recovery mode from the main screen and start the device scanning.
Step3. Click and preview the scanned files when the scanning is done.
Step4. Restore and save desired files to a different flash drive, partitions or hard drives well.

*Allocate another storage device to download and install iCare software as well as saving the restored drive or partition files in case of data recovery failures.
*Try every data recover mode one by one to take the lost files back as possible as you can, if necessary.
*Back up all precious data on several thumb drives, hard drives, partitions or locations well in the future.

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