Unreadable 1TB External HDD Data Recovery from Mahendra

Jun.27, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Mahendra who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all photos and files from 1TB external HDD that was not readable on any other computer:

"Respected Sir …I have an external HDD of 1TB. During copying some files from it to another PC, it hanged and the HD freezed. It wasn't readable on any other computer also. I have very important data on it. I tried some other softwares before coming to your page. NO SOFTWARE WAS ABLE TO RECOVER IT!!! For me it was a great shock because all my important data and precious photos of my family were on it and I thought that I have lost them forever. But then your software saved me. It scanned and showed all the files and brought my HDD back to life. It is like a miracle. I can't tell you how happy I was after seeing this. It is a Great software. Really, if there is any issue related to lost data or recovery of data, I recommend everyone this software. Thanking You"

Here is the original email screenshot:

unreadable external hdd recovery

Unreadable External HDD File Recovery with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Generally, most of external HDD users have ever experienced similar unreadable HDD or corrupted external drive data loss problems due to sudden computer freezing, crashing, power loss or hard drive corrupting, etc. However, such unreadable external HDD problems do not always indicate that your USB hard drive is mechanically damaged and could not be used again on any computer or laptop. Oppositely, with right unreadable drive file recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, you do get a really high chance to recover lost data back. So, do not panic and go read more related issues to see how to perform unreadable external HDD file recovery processes:

"Samsung USB hard drive said it was unreadable or corrupted on my Windows 7 computer last night. While disconnecting it out and trying it there again, I just received the same error message and was asked if I wanted to format this external drive. Honestly, I did have downloaded several games and videos on this unreadable external hard drive and needed get them all back. Please help me recover data from unreadable external drive!"

"Hello! My WD removable HDD was dropped to the cement ground while I was trying to remove it away from my Windows 10 computer. When being plunged it back to the same computer again latter, this hard drive just became inaccessible and read as 'corrupted and unreadable'. Any help to recover corrupted external HDD data? Can I format this drive at first? Thanks for any fast response! Thanks!"

"Hi! Seagate external hard drive suddenly frozen and stopped working. What can I do now to do unreadable external HDD recovery now? I need get my lost hard drive files back soon. Thank you for any advice here!"

Hello, in such cases, it is best to have external HDD data backups stored on other storage devices or locations. But, if you do have no data backup, also do not panic! Avoid formatting or overwriting this "unreadable" or "corrupted" external HDD in case of worse data loss troubles and go scan this hard drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro which is especially designed for people to thoroughly scan the selected storage devices and restore all possible original device information back. Hence, go download and apply iCare Data Recovery Pro on your PC to recover lost data from unreadable USB hard drive.

Simple steps to perform external hard drive file recovery with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

Step1. Open up this data recovery software and select a proper data recovery mode from its main screen.
Step2. Select the 1TB unreadable external drive from other listed storage devices.
Step3. Scan this external HDD and preview the scanned files.
Step4. Save the retrieved information to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

*Save no retrieved files on this unreadable 1TB drive in case that any data recovery failure comes to you.
*Scan your corrupted USB HDD deeply with its free trial version before you purchase for a code.
*Store hard drive data backups on two or more external or internal hard disks from now on.

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