Unintentionally Formatted Computer Recovery from Dheeraj

May.2, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Dheeraj who had used iCare software to successfully recover important data after unintentionally formatting computer:

"I was hopeless after unintentionally formatting my computer then my friend suggest this software to me and I use it and I was able to get my data back. This software really woks in my case and I successfully recovered my important data Thanks "

Here is the original mail screenshot:

formatted computer recovery

Recover Data after Unintentionally Formatted Computer with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When computer internal hard drive or partition is accidentally or unintentionally formatted without data backups, iCare Data Recovery Pro really helps scan and restore your lost original computer information back with ease.
And, go read more about such accidentally formatted computer hard disk data loss troubles:

"Hello, I was trying to reinstall my Samsung laptop computer Windows operating system and finally messed everything up. So, I did have to format my computer hard drive for farther use. But, I did get something important stored on this formatted Samsung computer drive. Is it possible to recover lost computer data after format?"

"Hi! I recently formatted my HP notebook SSD accidentally while trying to upgrade the computer Windows 7 OS to Windows 8. And, I cannot recover anything left on this computer internal drive. What can I do now to get my drive data back! Thank you very much!"

"Hello, my brother accidentally formatted my laptop partition with nearly 45GB of interesting games and videos. And now this partition is empty and I also do have not put anything new there. Any help to recover lost data could be greatly appreciated here! Thanks!"

Honestly, people are really possible to get unintentionally formatted computer hard drive data loss troubles in daily use. But, that doesn’t mean all computer hard drive information will all be erased completely after format. Instead, in such cases, as long as the formatted computer hard disk is not rewritten by newly saved information on the same storage device, you get high chances to take lost files, documents, videos, games and more back with the help of iCare Data Recovery Pro.
Hence, after format, go download iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover computer data back step by step as below:

Step1. Plunge another USB hard drive or flash drive to hold and install your downloaded format recovery software, this iCare software, well.
Step2. Open up this formatted computer hard drive data recovery to select a proper data recovery mode.
Step3. Scan your formatted hard drive or partition and preview the found documents, pictures and files.
Step4. Retrieve the recoverable information to your allocated storage device, not this formatted computer hard drive or partition.


*Check and preview the software scanning results to see whether this iCare Data Recovery Pro works as effectively as you think.

*Save the restored data to a different storage device in case of data recovery failures.

* Back up all important computer hard drive data on several devices or locations before any computer format in the future.

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