Shift Deleted Lappy HD Data Recovery from Bhavika

Jul.20, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Bhavika who had used iCare software to recover all lost important data from lappy hard drive after unknowingly shift delete:

"I had lost all my important data from lappy as my friend unknowingly did shift delete ...icare helped me recover that...Thanks icare"

Here is the original mail screenshot:

shift deleted file recovery from hdd

Recovering Shift Deleted Files from Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Like above iCare Data Recovery Pro users, many computer hard drive users have ever tried to delete or shift delete their very important documents, pictures, songs, messages, games, apps and files off from used computer hard drive, external drive and more storage devices accidentally without data backups. In order to take the deleted information back, the related shift deleted file recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, is really necessary for these drive users. Also wonder whether this iCare Data Recovery Pro also works to recover files deleted off from your computer drive? OK! Go read more related deleted hard drive data loss cases and see whether it works for your case or not:

"Hello! Please help me! I am running Windows 8 on my Dell computer and trying to shift delete a file folder named as 'School'. However, didn't know why I just mistakenly highlight another folder there and deleted a needed folder with shift delete instead. How can I recover data erased with shift delete on my computer? Thanks!"

"Dear sir, I just accidentally deleted some pictures and files by using shift delete on my Samsung laptop. I had tried to restore them back from the Recycle Bin folder and got no success. Is there any best way to recover shift delete laptop files? Thank you very much!"

"I deleted everything saved on my hard drive of a Windows 7 desktop computer. I just thought these files would not be used again and shift deleted them all. However, my mum said she did have left several important file folders there and have not prepared any data backups yet. Please help me perform deleted file recovery. Any help would be appreciated here! Thanks!"

Hello, when you delete or shift delete a file off from your computer hard drive, two things will occur. The computer will only try to change the file name and saving path to make it completely invisible, and the file content will not be immediately destroy before it is completely replaced by new drive files. So, before your shift deleted files are all rewritten by new information on the same storage device, go download iCare Data Recovery Pro and recover files erased back as you wish. With a deep scan recovery, deleted file recovery scan and lost partition recovery scan, this iCare Data Recovery Pro always help recover lost data back as much as possible for you.
Here is a simple tutorial of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you:
Step1. Go download and install this data recovery software well on your computer.
Step2. Run this software and select Deleted File Recovery or Deep Scan recovery mode to scan your hard drive.
Step3. Preview the scanned files and select wanted ones out.
Step4. Prepare another storage device to hold all retrieved information in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:
*Save no new data on this computer hard drive with data loss troubles after shift delete.
*Preview the found documents to see how many of them are recoverable and how many of them are still useful for you.
*Choose a different drive location or storage device to save all restored data to avoid worse data loss troubles at last.

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