SD Card Photo Recovery from Jennifer

Feb. 22, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user named Jennifer who had downloaded iCare software to recover all photos from a SD card that was not able to be opened whatever he/she did:

"I have losses all my photos in SD cards. I could not get to open it whatever how I do it. After downloaded iCare Data Recovery Pro is really worked all my photos in SD cards just in few minutes and it not need wait for long times. It very fast! Wonderful!!! I love it & liked it very very much of iCare Data Recovery Pro. It really helps me a lost & easy work me whatever any where. iCare Data Recovery Pro is powerful data, format recovery, recover files from Memory Cards…Thank you so much."

Here is the original email screenshot:

Retrieve Data from SD Card That Cannot Be Opened Well with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When your computer or PC cannot open your SD card with many precious camera or mobile phone videos, text messages, contacts, pictures, songs and more files well whatever you do, iCare Data Recovery Pro is what you are looking for to recover your inaccessible memory card contents back. Want to know why? No matter why your SD card or other memory cards, including Micro SD card, SDXC card , SDHC card or CF card , is not able to be accessed properly as before, your SD card with much preferable data seems not to be completely damaged and your left camera or mobile phone information is also probably not lost permanently. Merely reconnect this SD card with another card Reader to your computer and let iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan it thoroughly. Generally, as long as your SD card is not completely corrupted or overwritten, you often can easily preview original files, photos and more data well, and recover them back with fast speed, even when the sd is corrupted. Hence, no matter whether your SD card is not able to be accessed due to SD card blank or unsupported file system errors, unformatted SD card errors, unsafely removed SD card problems, virus infected SD card problems and more, this iCare software could be your chance to rescue original contents back.

Hence, save no new data to this SD card or memory card and go apply iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

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