Recover Files from WD My Passport Which Has an Unlock Application

Nov.30, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a old customer called David who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost files from WD My Passport hard drive, which has an unlock application this time:

I purchased iCare Format Recovery in 2013 and was immediately pleased with the ease of use and, perhaps most importantly, I managed to recover my lost files! I had additional problems with my laptop in 2014 and then again just recently in November 2016, each time needing to recover lost files. On both occasions I had to download a new version of your product and obtain a new unlocking key. You have always been very responsive to my e-mails, getting back to me within 24 hours, and I appreciate it. No haggling over getting the new key and, as before, I easily managed to recover lost files. This last episode involved recovering files from a WD My Passport, which has an unlock application even before I could get to the actual files. Thank you so much!
I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user.

Here is the original email screenshot:

Recover Files from WD My Passport Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

You also could not get to the files stored inside your WD My Passport USB hard drive recently since it is locked or virus infected due to an unlock application? Or need to recover files and information when your WD My Passport external HD was accidentally formatted, cleaned, deleted, damaged or even failed or when your wireless WD My password hard drive had CHKDSK RAW drive errors, unformatted drive errors, virus issues and more? No panic! In your cases, you can also try iCare Data Recovery Pro this time to retrieve your lost WD HD images, games, movies and files. With well-designed data recovery modes, including Deleted File Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery and Deep Scan Recovery, not only the above user, David, and also you will have a good luck with iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover files back smoothly.  
Go download and apply iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

Unlock Your WD Hard Drive before Any Data Recovery

No matter why your WD portable hard drive has an unlock application, if it is really locked and could not be accessed due to wrong password error right now, you are supposed to firstly unlock it quickly before any data recovery. Why? The locked or password-protected files and documents often will also ask you to unlock or enter password to remove all possible protection functions even when you do have retrieved them all successfully from original drive with file recovery software. Hence, in case of any worse WD hard disk information loss trouble related to the related password protection or drive locking feature, go firstly turn it off.

Remove Possible Viruses Which Come from Unlock App before You Start Any WD Hard Drive Recovery

Of course, if your WD My Password hard drive merely becomes inaccessible after you download and use the unlock app there, it is possible that your drive data loss troubles are caused by this unlocked program. Have you downloaded it from a safe or authorized site or location? Have you done an antivirus scan before you launch it on your hard drive? If not, just go start your antivirus software to scan your WD drive and entire computer to remove all possible viruses completely.
Overall, in the future, always download programs with different functions from an authorized site and also perform an antivirus scan before you really install and launch it on your computer to avoid any virus infection issue.
Of course, if you do have any other issues related to your WD my passport portable hard drive, like the above user called David, you can also contact iCare Recovery Support freely through email.

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