Recover Files from PC Cleaned after Virus Attack

Dec.5, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Ibrahim who had used iCare software to recover all his career’s music and files back from PC hard drive that got a virus and was cleaned latter:

"I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user.
I am a music producer. I once got a virus, on my pc, on which I do all my work on. The virus took up all my space, on my PC, and I took to a friend to have my PC cleaned. I thought I saved all my files to a thumb nail, before I sent it to get repaired. Later, I found out, that I didn't save any of my work on a thumb nail, and sent all my session files, along with my music, dates it was done, and all, to another producer, whom could steal all my music, without anything I could do about it. Well as I suspected, when I went to pick up my PC, my friend said he lost all my files and broke the hard drive he saved them to. I was so upset but I couldn't be mad at anyone but myself. I pandered, and pandered, and pandered, how can I retrieve my work. I knew there had to be some way. I searched the web, asked around, until someone told me about ICARE. I downloaded ICARE, did a deep scan, and retrieved all my carrer's work, in which I thought I'd never see, again, worst off, someone had stolen, and had all it's original files, and I couldn't prove it was my work. Well, thanks again, to ICARE, my career was brought back to life, and I made sure I let that friend know I reteived my files and the surprise in their voice was a reward, in it's self. I recommend ICARE for all lost files. They're the best and the only one, that I know, who offers complete free service. Thank you, Icare.
A grateful customer

Here is the original email screenshot:

Recover Files from PC Cleaned after Virus Attack with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, like above iCare software user, did you also clean PC hard drive completely after it was attacked by a virus or spyware or malware? And then, just found you did save no important original files to another USB drive, external drive and else places or computer hard drive data backups was not stored successfully or updated timely? OK! Never be afraid to try. In your case, firstly use your ways to clean up all possible viruses and then, start to recover lost PC hard drive files cleaned with effective data recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro. Merely pick up the Deep Scan Recovery mode of this utility and go seek and take the original recoverable music, videos, audios, photos and files back.

Hence, go download iCare Data Recovery Pro and perform file recovery from cleaned PC after virus attack here:

How to Wipe Viruses off from Your PC Hard Drive?

After a virus attack, no matter how much data you do still have left on the original computer internal hard drives or partition, the top priorities for you is to wipe all various viruses, spyware, worms and the like things completely off from your entire PC. And, how do you often try to clean a virus infected computer or storage device? No matter which way you do use to clear your hard drive, here are several tips for you:

1). Stop transferring from or to this virus infected PC hard drive
No matter how your PC gets a virus, in case of spreading the viruses to another storage device or computer, you are supposed not to transfer any file or folder from or to this original computer internal hard disk. Moreover, also do not plunge any other Micro SD, SD memory card, pen drive or USB portable hard drive to this virus infected computer.

2). Scan this computer thoroughly with antivirus software
Generally, the most practical method for people to wipe viruses off from computer completely is to start an antivirus program. Hence, merely start your PC security software, perform a thorough antivirus scan there and delete all virus infected files and folders completely.

3). Format hard drive and remove apps and files that bring you viruses, spyware or worms.
People often format their computer hard drives or partitions after virus attack to wipe every threat. So, you can also format your PC hard drive and remove apps and files that bring you viruses, spyware and worms to make your computer clean again.
Overall, always clean your PC completely.

How to Stop Virus Attack in the Future?

Here are also several suggestions for you to stop viruses in the future: 

1). Increase the security of your PC, like changing a more effective antivirus app
No matter whether your original security programs work effectively or not, you’d better take some measures to increase the security protection after experiencing the unexpected virus attack. For example, you can try to change a more effective antivirus app, when you do have installed a related antivirus program. Of course, if you do use no any antivirus software and only apply the Windows Security Essentials tools to protect your computer, also go search and install one there
Just pay attention whether they will conflict with each other before downloading. 

2). Start the real-time protection and perform regular scanning from now on
Once you do have applied an effective antivirus utility there, you’d better start the real-time protection and also perform regular scanning on your PC.

3). Avoid viewing information or downloading data from unsafe or bad websites.
While browsing websites, also do not open or viewing some uncommon sites. Also avoid downloading data from unsafe or bad websites. Even when you are downloading something from safe sites, also open the supervision function of your antivirus software to see whether the downloaded folders and files are all safe.

4). Double check the email links or attached files before clicking
Since the virus and the like threat is also able to be spread from email, also be careful all the time while checking the unread mails.
Just do not randomly click any link or attached file of these emails. A double check is often needed.
Hope these tips and suggestions could help you avoid such cleaned PC hard drive file loss troubles caused by virus attack.

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