Recover Files from PC Cleaned after Virus Attack

Dec.5, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Ibrahim who had used iCare software to recover all his career’s music and files back from PC hard drive that got a virus and was cleaned latter:

"I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user.
I am a music producer. I once got a virus, on my pc, on which I do all my work on. The virus took up all my space, on my PC, and I took to a friend to have my PC cleaned. I thought I saved all my files to a thumb nail, before I sent it to get repaired. Later, I found out, that I didn't save any of my work on a thumb nail, and sent all my session files, along with my music, dates it was done, and all, to another producer, whom could steal all my music, without anything I could do about it. Well as I suspected, when I went to pick up my PC, my friend said he lost all my files and broke the hard drive he saved them to. I was so upset but I couldn't be mad at anyone but myself. I pandered, and pandered, and pandered, how can I retrieve my work. I knew there had to be some way. I searched the web, asked around, until someone told me about ICARE. I downloaded ICARE, did a deep scan, and retrieved all my carrer's work, in which I thought I'd never see, again, worst off, someone had stolen, and had all it's original files, and I couldn't prove it was my work. Well, thanks again, to ICARE, my career was brought back to life, and I made sure I let that friend know I reteived my files and the surprise in their voice was a reward, in it's self. I recommend ICARE for all lost files. They're the best and the only one, that I know, who offers complete free service. Thank you, Icare.
A grateful customer

Here is the original email screenshot:

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