Recover Data from an Old External Hard Disk which PC Failed to Recognise

Dec.16, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Neil who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover photos, videos, documents and files from an old main powered external hard disk when PC failed to recognize this drive:

"Thank you for your fast reply
All sorted
I used iCare to recover data from an old (10yro) mains powered external hard disk. We hadn't backed up the old files onto our newer external drive as it turned out. It was a mix of photos, video, and various documents, approx 150GB in total. The PC failed to recognise this drive when we tried to access it after a number of years sitting idle, it appeared to be a hardware issue. I tried a number of recovery software packages to no avail, the best of these recovered just a handful of files. Then I tried the free trial download of iCare and instant success! So I went ahead and purchased the home licence and let iCare do it's stuff. Easy to use, and easy to manipulate the recovered files. In the end iCare recovered just about everything, all but a handful of badly corrupted files. And I had almost given up. So very happy!
I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user.

Here is the original email screenshot:

Recover Files from External Drive which PC Failed to Recognize with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Your computer also refuses to recognize your old or new USB hard drive, which also makes the external disk data inaccessible right now? Tons of external hard disk files and folders left are also not backed up well? OK! No panic! No matter how much data you do have reserved on this unrecognized external drive without data backups, merely extract and move this USB hard drive to another computer and download iCare Data Recovery Pro to see whether your drive pictures, audios, documents, films and files are still able to be rescued back. This easy-to-use and effective iCare Data Recovery Pro always help recover much lost data back from external hard disk which PC fails to detect, but, have not physically corrupted.
Merely download iCare Data Recovery Pro and perform a deep scan to retrieve your lost files:

Also Have Not Backed up Your USB Hard Drive Data Yet?

You do also get the similar USB hard drive file loss problems since you do also save no hard drive data backup yet? Or you do also worry that you will also face such not recognized external drive information loss issues in the future since you do also have not backed up any important drive data yet? OK! No matter which situation you are experiencing now, the priority thing for you now is to take the time to store and prepare drive data backups on several storage devices and locations well.

Why PC Fails to Recognize Your External Hard Drive?

Really want to know why PC fails to recognize your external hard drive this time because it always works fine on your Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC all the time? All right! The related unrecognizable USB hard disk problems often come to drive users for many reasons, including:

1). External HD is failed or dead really.
Take the external drive of the iCare Data Recovery Pro user mentioned above as an example, after this drive has been used for ten years, this drive must be damaged in some degree for too long time use and gets many bad sectors. It is really possible to be completely failed and could not be used any longer. However, there is also no sure. The drive often is able to be failed and dead, not only because of long time use, and also due to virus damaging, sudden dropping, computer crashing and more.
Overall, once your external HD is completely failed or dead, it often will not be detected or read on any computer or PC.

2).USB hard drive gets a corrupted USB connection.
No matter whether the USB ports or interfaces of this USB hard disk or your computer are corrupted or broken, your PC will certainly not be able to recognize this drive once this drive gets a corrupted USB connection.
Hence, try to plunge this drive to your computer with other USB ports or see whether you can change another USB connection interface of your hard disk to fix such unrecognized hard drive issues.

3). External hard disk gets logical damages and could not be properly read there.
In some cases, the external hard disk users also are able not to access their drive on a PC since thus USB portable hard drive get some logical damaged and could not be read properly before any format, like some hard drive not formatted error issues, RAW format error issues and CHKDSIK RAW drives issues as well as virus infected hard drive issues. Overall, in such cases, merely start iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost drive files back and format this drive to remove all related troublesome problems.

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