RAW Toshiba External HDD Data Recovery from David Spain

Jan, 22, 2016—iCare Recovery Received a feedback from a Spanish user called David who had applied iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover most of his lost family photos, PPT, Word and PDF documents from a 1tb Toshiba external HDD that had turned into RAW since he restarted his computer suddenly while he was transferring photos from a mobile to this external storage device:

"Hello! Of course I can tell you the story and how my wife tried to kill me after telling her I had missed family's photos!!! All started when I was transferring photos from my mobile to my HDD storage device, a Toshiba DTB310 1Tb. I thought I lost the data when my computer went to stand by while it was copying the photos to HDD. Anyway, I restarted the computer and Windows 10 did not recognize the HDD. I checked it in disc administrator and I realized that HDD turned to raw partition, crisis started!! I had mainly family photos, Power Point, Word and PDF documents related to my work. First the all, I ran check disk, chkdsk /f, and at least I had format, after that ran your software and I recovered most of the photos and documents. I run your software in my personal laptop, that it is not very powerful. The scan lasted 8 hours (scan and copying). Now, I have created a partition in my HDD that contains lost data and if you run your software in this partition the time reduced drastically to 30 minutes."

Here is the original email screenshot:

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