RAW Toshiba External HDD Data Recovery from David Spain

Jan, 22, 2016—iCare Recovery Received a feedback from a Spanish user called David who had applied iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover most of his lost family photos, PPT, Word and PDF documents from a 1tb Toshiba external HDD that had turned into RAW since he restarted his computer suddenly while he was transferring photos from a mobile to this external storage device:

"Hello! Of course I can tell you the story and how my wife tried to kill me after telling her I had missed family's photos!!! All started when I was transferring photos from my mobile to my HDD storage device, a Toshiba DTB310 1Tb. I thought I lost the data when my computer went to stand by while it was copying the photos to HDD. Anyway, I restarted the computer and Windows 10 did not recognize the HDD. I checked it in disc administrator and I realized that HDD turned to raw partition, crisis started!! I had mainly family photos, Power Point, Word and PDF documents related to my work. First the all, I ran check disk, chkdsk /f, and at least I had format, after that ran your software and I recovered most of the photos and documents. I run your software in my personal laptop, that it is not very powerful. The scan lasted 8 hours (scan and copying). Now, I have created a partition in my HDD that contains lost data and if you run your software in this partition the time reduced drastically to 30 minutes."

Here is the original email screenshot:

Retrieve RAW USB Hard Disk Photos, PPT, Excel, Word and More Files with iCare Data Recovery Pro 

Have you ever also found your external hard drive turns into RAW and cannot be properly recognized on your PC after sudden computer power loss, rebooting or crashing? What have you done to recover your inaccessible RAW drive document, videos, music, mails, photos and more important information? OK! No worry! In your case, no matter how and why your computer USB hard disk becomes RAW, your desired drive information is not cleaned up and only inaccessible there. Before it is completely destroyed and rewritten by new stuffs on the same drive, iCare Data Recovery Pro is really a hopeful chance for you to recover everything important back. Why? With three powerful data recovery modes, like Deep Scan Recovery, Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery, this software always can help scan out your inaccessible files scattered on different sectors of this RAW drive as many as possible and help you retrieve all recoverable ones to your desired storage device with ease and success. Hence, from now on, do not format this RAW file system drive, do not perform CHKDSK testing there and also do not write anything new there to avoid damaging anything inside permanently. And then, download and run this iCare software to get your wanted images, PPT files, Excel files, DOC files, TXT files, videos, audios, messages and more back. 

No matter why your external hard drive has got RAW file system error, go download iCare software here to take your lost data back: https://www.icare-recovery.com/data-recovery-professional.html

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