RAW File Format External USB Hard Disk Lost Partition File Recovery from Stefan

Apr. 20, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an old user called Stefan who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover almost all files from lost external USB hard disk partition when this drive suddenly showed as RAW file format:

"Hello Tom,
Sorry for Delay in getting back to you.
In fact it was in 2013 when during OS installation I lost partition information on my permanently connected external USB hard disk.
The drive suddenly showed a RAW file format. I could not remember any personal action that might have caused this, but it for sure related to some mistake I made. I started to search for recovery tools and found your software as a free trial version. After a first run data recovery rate showed to be remarkably good. So I purchased the software and was happy to have almost all files recovered incl. file names and file types. This time the situation appears to be a little different…

Here is the original email screenshot:

raw external hdd recovery

Recover Data from USB Hard Drive Lost Partitions or RAW External Drives with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When computer USB hard drive partitions are lost due to unintentionally delete, suddenly drive formatting process, drive virus attacking or the like drive problems, or when computer external hard drive suddenly shows as RAW file system on your PC due to rude drive extracting, drive formatting/reformatting, drive not formatted errors, CHKDSK RAW drive errors, sudden dropping, computer power loss or crashing, etc, do not worry and calm down yourself at first. And then, download iCare Data recovery Pro to recover lost documents, movies, pictures, songs, mails, messages, games and more files from your lost drive partitions or external drive with unsupported RAW file system errors. Being designed with three data recovery modes, like Lost Partition Recovery (which helps recover files from deleted, lost, unreadable partitions), Deleted File Recovery (which helps recover files from empty Recycle Bin, external drives, flash drives, memory cards with mistake delete or shift delete) and Deep Scan Recovery (which helps recover data from reformatted, formatted, not formatted, RAW file format, unrecognized internal/external hard drive or other storage devices), this software always can do a great job for you to take your original PPT/Excel/PDF/Word files, movies, music, messages, pictures, text messages and more drive or partition contents back as many as possible. So, merely download this software and select a proper data recovery mode there to go on.

Here, free download this iCare Data Recovery Pro: https://www.icare-recovery.com/data-recovery-professional.html

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