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Mar. 11, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Richard who had downloaded and used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost data successfully after a quick format:

"Hi, downloaded and used your product today. It worked like a charm. The three I used before it not so good. Thank you and congratulations!"

Here is the original email screenshot:

Retrieve Quick Formatted USB HD, Flash Drive, SD card or Memory Card with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When you have performed a quick format on a USB hard drive, flash drive, SD card, CF card or memory card which requires formatting process before any access, when you do have mistakenly quick formatted a RAW format external drive, internal drive partition, Micro SD card, pen drive or memory stick with much important photos, videos, documents, songs and files or when you have to quick format a storage device since it gets virus infected, logical damages or other problems, without lost data backups found anywhere, iCare Data Recovery Pro is your safe and effective way to recover missing device contents back as many as possible. Merely download and install this software on your PC well (remember not to save new stuffs, including the downloaded software files and folders, on the original storage device) and choose Deep Scan recovery mode, which often will perform a thorough scanning process to scan this quick formatted SD card, CF card, Micro SD card, USB hard drive, thumb drive, computer partition and more devices, to take your lost PPT files, PDF files, Word files, Outlook PST files, TXT files, images, music, mails, messages and more files back. Its other data recovery modes, Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery modes, also help recover far more common storage device data loss troubles after accidental delete, shit delete, RAW file system partition formatting, CHKDSK RAW drive error and more.

Hence, go download iCare Data Recovery Pro here to recover lost data after quick format: https://www.icare-recovery.com/data-recovery-professional.html

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