Pen Drive Stopping Working Recovery from Paulo

Sep.7, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Paulo who had used iCare software to recover lost data from 64GB pen drive that stopped working suddenly:

"I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user.
I'll tell you what happened:
Use the "USB Lock" software, to protect my data in my pen-drivers, who stopped working suddenly just in my pen drive 64GB.
I tried several ways to get it, several software without success.
Only iCare Data Recovery was able to recover my data.
Congratulations to iCare Recovery Inc. for the excellent software…

Here is the original email screenshot:

pen drive not work

Recovering Files from Pen Drive that Stops Working Suddenly

When your USB pen drive also stops working suddenly due to virus attack, drive unformatted or not formatted errors, drive RAW file system errors, or sudden drive removing, dropping or drive corruption, etc, your flash drive with important data may not completely corrupted. Merely go run iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost pen drive files and repair this not working USB drive latter. Hence, no matter what has happened, merely download the trial or free version to your PC and retrieve the lost pen drive data back as much as possible.
And now, just read more related pen drive not working problem cases and learn how to take lost information back with iCare Data Recovery Pro step by step:

"Hello, my 16GB Toshiba pen drive suddenly stopped working and could not be accessed. While being plugged to my Windows 7 PC, it just could not be accessed since computer said it was not formatted. Do you have any suggestion? Do you know how to recover data from pen drive that stops working suddenly? Thank you very much for any idea here!"

"While my 64GB PNY USB drive was used on my laptop, it was removed out from this computer for my mistake. And then, after connecting this flash drive back, the Windows kept asking to format. The computer CHKDSK also was not available for RAW drives. Is there anything I can do now to recover data from not working USB drive? Any help will be appreciated here! Thanks!"

"Hi! My thumb drive seems to be damaged and stops working. It just cannot be found in My Computer and need to be formatted. What has happened to my flash drive? Is it still able to be fixed successfully? How about my Word documents stored inside this drive? Thank you for any suggestion to recover not working thumb drive files."

Honestly, in such cases, no matter whether your not working pen drive is really corrupted, just reconnect it to your PC with different USB ports and check whether it is displayed well in Disk Management. If your flash drive is shown as RAW or still ask for formatting there, do not rush to do anything to this USB drive and just download iCare Data Recovery Pro to get lost songs, films, games, messages, pictures and files back at first. With its three outstanding data recovery modes, you are often able to recover most or even more of your lost pen drive data back.
Here is the step-by-step tutorial for you:
Step1. Launch downloaded iCare Data Recovery Pro on your computer and select a proper data recovery mode there.
Step2. Scan this not working USB drive and preview the scanned files carefully.
Step3. Purchase a code to activate this software when it really scan and found your desired data successfully.
Step4. Recover lost pen drive data to computer local partitions or other drives.

Additional Tips:
*Save all new computer data, including the downloaded iCare software information, on computer hard drives or devices, not this USB drive that has stopped working.
*Also click all scanned files and preview them carefully to see how much of your data is still recoverable and also decide on whether it is necessary to purchase a code for a complete data recovery.
*Store and back up all retrieved pen drive files on a different storage device in case of data recovery failures.

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