Overwritten SD Card and Corrupted SIM Card Photo Video Recovery from Lisa

Jun.20, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a regular user called Lisa who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover photographs and videos from a corrupted SIM card and an SD card that was accidentally overwritten easily and successfully:

"Hi… I ordered and downloaded this software in order to recover photographs and videos from a corrupted sim card. This software is easy to use and successfully recovered my photographs from a family holiday that were irreplaceable. I have also since used the software to recover photographs and videos that were accidently overwritten on an sd card. Once again the software recovered the photographs and therefore I would highly recommend this software for anyone who needs to recover lost data. It is also really helpful that you can trial this software first to check that it will recover your data before purchasing.
Many thanks

Here is the original email screenshot:

sd card and corrupted sim card photo video recovery

Recover Data from Overwritten SD Card with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When you do have formatted SD card and taken new photos on this memory card with your digital camera, when you do have deleted photos and videos accidentally and also moved new information to the same phone memory card, or when you do have lost SD card data by mistake and also unintentionally overwritten this SD memory card, just calm down yourself and seek for data recovery solutions, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, to recover overwritten SD card data back. Honestly, though the accidental deleting,corrupted sd card, formatting or wiping process does not really erase anything original completely off from the original camera or phone SD memory card, the overwritten photos and files would destroy and corrupt the original memory card files permanently. But, it doesn't mean that all of your desired photos and videos are lost forever. Merely start iCare Data Recovery Pro and go see whether there are still many original pictures, videos and files that are really recoverable. Merely perform a deep scan there to find your data back as much as possible. Be patient!

Retrieve Data from Corrupted SIM Card with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Generally, much like a SD memory card of your digital cameras and mobile phones, the SIM card is also one of convenient storage devices for your cell phones to hold phone contacts, pictures, videos and the likes. And, in daily use, it is also able to be corrupted somehow and bring you file loss troubles. However, no matter whether it is physically damaged, merely plunge it to your computer with a card reader, scan this corrupted SIM card with iCare Data Recovery Pro and preview the found files to see whether this iCare data recovery software helps recover most or all of your lost phone images, songs, messages and more information with ease. And in your case, the Deep Scan Recovery mode could be your good chance to take original data back.

Simple Data Recovery Tutorial of iCare Data Recovery Pro for You:

No matter whether you need to perform corrupted SIM card file recovery or overwritten SD card photo recovery processes, here is the simple data recovery tutorial of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you to follow:
Step1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery Pro on your PC.
Step2. Select Deep Scan Recovery mode on its main screen and point out your inserted SD card or SIM card.
Step3. Perform a deep scan on this corrupted or overwritten storage device and preview found files.
Step4. Arrange another storage device connected on your PC to hold all retrieved information in case of data recovery failures.

Additional Tips:

*Since you do have rewritten your SD card with data loss troubles, a part of your original memory card photos and files may be already corrupted and become irrecoverable. Hence, after a deep scan performed there, go preview and recover all good ones back.
*Plunge your SIM card or SD memory card to the computer with a card reader or your original digital camera or mobile phone.
*Preview the scanned photos and files carefully to see whether this software is worth purchasing.
*Prepare several memory cards or storage devices to back up all important phone or camera data well in the future.

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