Not Working WD Passport 2TB USB Hard Drive Data Recovery from William

Jan, 29, 2016—iCare Recovery Received a feedback from a user called William who had downloaded and applied iCare Data Recovery Pro to find and recover 101 files from a WD My Passport 2TB USB hard disk that stopped working on a Samsung TV and asked to format on a computer:

"Hello, I have a WD my passport 2tb that stopped working on my Samsung TV today. I hooked it up to my computer via USB and it checked for errors and took forever. So, I cancelled it and then it asked to format. I cancelled. I downloaded your pro program and it's about 2 hours into checking and so far says 101 files found…Thank you."

Here is the original email screenshot:

Recover Data from External Drive That Stops Working with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When the Computer WD external hard drive stops working properly and asks you to format before you extract everything important out, when the computer USB hard disk is suddenly not working and detected as RAW file system there or when your computer removable hard drive seems to be un workable after being dropped to the ground, no worry! As long as your external drive is still recognizable on your PC, you is absolutely possible to recover original drive data back with the assistance of iCare Data Recovery Pro which has offered a especially Deep Scan Recovery mode for people like you to perform a thorough scanning on your USB hard drive with data loss troubles and recover desired data as much as possible. Of course, if you do have accidentally deleted or shift deleted something crucial off from this WD external drive, the Deleted File Recovery mode also is your best choice with this software. As with some data loss troubles related to computer internal hard disk partitions, its Lost Partition Recovery mode also helps a lot. Overall, with this iCare Data Recovery Pro installed on your PC, you always get high chances to get data back from external drives, memory cards, flash drives or computer partitions with not formatted errors, RAW file system errors, logical damages, virus infection and more unwanted data loss troubles.   

Please download iCare Data Recovery Pro here to take your data back from your not working external drive:

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