Not Recognized WD Elements 500GB Hard Drive Data Recovery from Sushma

Feb, 1, 2016—iCare Recovery Received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user named Sushma who had tried iCare recovery software to recover all lost files, like the family photos, old project files, book files, research materials and more valuable data, safely back from a WD Elements 500GB hard drive that failed to be recognized:

"Hi, I am an App Developer from India. My nightmare began when my WD Elements 500 GB hard disk failed to be recognized. There were invaluable things in there, scanned Black and White Photos of my family from way back, my old projects, my books, my husband's research material and everything. And I did not have a backup. I was devastated. I tried much "magical" software and none helped me.
Then I came across iCare Recovery and it really cared for me. I found all my files still safe in the hard disk. The product is simple, elegant and efficient. It took about 10 hours to scan the entire hard disk.
My nightmare is over now, thanks to iCare Recovery.Thank you so much.

Here is the original email screenshot:

Retrieve Data from Not Recognized Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Really need data recovery solutions to take lost valuable photos, videos, music, games and other files back from hard drive that has failed to be recognized on your laptops or PCs? No worry! When your WD external or internal hard drive is not able to be recognized properly on your computers due to some logical damaged drive issues, like hard drive RAW file system problems, hard drive requiring formatting problems or more, iCare Data Recovery Pro is absolutely one of your best choices to recover lost data back from this not recognized drive. Why? Its Deep Scan Recovery mode always can help you perform thorough scanning processes on your WD hard drive to find all recoverable images, audios, movies, songs, videos, PPT files, Word documents, TXT files, mails, messages and more data and retrieve them back with ease. Of course, when your Seagate, Toshiba or other branded internal or external hard drives becomes unrecognizable due to virus infection, rude drive extraction, drive dropping/falling/hitting or drive corruption, etc, this software also could be your high chances to rescue the original drive data back as much as possible. Moreover, in the future, if you accidentally delete everything important or format hard drive or memory card mistakenly without data backups again, this data recovery software also offers Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery modes for you to get the lost information back from the original flash drives, USB hard drives, internal hard drive partitions, SD cards, Micro SD cards and more prevailed storage devices.

Hence, go try to recover your lost hard drive data with iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

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