Not Recognized External HDD Video Picture PDF File Recovery from Arvind

In January 9, 2016, iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user named as Arvind who had run iCare Data Recovery Pro on his PC to recover about 90% of his videos, pictures and PDF files back from an expandable external HHD that was not recognized by the PC:

"Hello iCare, Yes I'm a satisfied customer. The data recovery from my expandable external HDD was about 90 percent. This included videos, pictures and PDF files. The drive was not being recognized by the PC."

Here is the original message screenshot:

Recovering Files from Not Recognized External HDD with iCare Data Recovery Pro

External hard disk is not recognized properly by your Windows computers since it is asking you to format after sudden drive removing, dropping, corrupting, unsupported RAW file system error or computer rebooting or crashing? OK! Immediately extract this USB hard disk out from your PC to avoid really losing everything important permanently. And, also do not format this not recognized drive to mess everything up. And then, download and run iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan this removable drive and see whether all of your original drive contents, like photos, videos, PDF files, PPT files, Excel files, Word documents, songs, messages and more, are still recoverable. Why to choose this software? As reliable data recovery software, iCare Data Recovery Pro can not only help recover files from USB hard disks SD cards, Micro SD cards, USB flash drives after accidental deletion, shift deletion, format, reformat or virus infection, and also help retrieve inaccessible or missing data from external drive, computer internal hard disk partitions, pen drives, memory sticks and other memory cards when these devices become not recognized or not formatted due to unsafe ejecting, careless dropping or hitting, unexpected drive or card corrupting, RAW file system memory card or hard disk errors, random computer rebooting or sudden computer crashing and more.    

Go Recover Your Not Recognized USB Hard Disk Data with iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

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