Not formatted Seagate USB Hard Drive File Recovery from Douglas

Apr. 19, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Douglas who had used iCare software to all lost backup files in original folder listing from a 1.5 TB USB Seagate Goflex hard disk which was asking to format before access:

"Aloha, For the Team at iCare Data Recovery:
I just had my life end in front of me!
I lost all my backup files on my 1.5TB USB Seagate GoFlex Disc. I made a great error my Cloning my 'C' drive to my USB disc. I was able to cancel the task, however, I could not access any files. The only message I received when I plugged my USB disc was 'would you like to format the drive?'... So I tried iCare data Recovery. I was very please that iCare took 4 hours to provide me a list of all my 1.5TB USB disc files in original folder listing. In addition, it took 1 hour to save my folders to my 'Download' folder on my 'C' drive. In short I wasted many hours trying to survey free data recovery applications. When I should of used iCare Data Recovery and save me many sleepless hours thinking can I recovery my files! I want to thank the Team at iCare Data Recovery for producing a data recovery application that works...

Here is the original email screenshot:

seagate external hdd not formatted

Retrieving Lost Files from Not Formatted Seagate USB Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When computer Seagate, WD, Toshiba, Samsung or other branded USB hard drive keeps asking you to format after any drive data transmitting, drive formatting, drive reformatting or the like processes has been stopped suddenly, when computer Seagate external hard drive cannot be accessed before any format since it is detected as RAW file system or gets CHKDSK RAW drive problems or when PC Seagate removable drive is logically damaged and needs to be formatted at first, do not panic to format or rewrite this original USB drive to avoid worse data loss problems. Just stop using it and run iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan this drive to see whether your reserved drive contents, like business or sensitive documents, films, songs, videos, messages, pictures and more information, are able to be restored back or not. Merely download and install this iCare Data Recovery Pro on a storage device with no not formatted error problem. And then, select a proper data recovery mode, like Deep Scan Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery and Deleted File Recovery, and perform a deep data recovery scanning process there. Of course, if necessary, also scan this drive thoroughly several times to take the original drive data back as much as possible.

If you also need recover Seagate drive data, go download and use iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

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