Not formatted Seagate USB Hard Drive File Recovery from Douglas

Apr. 19, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Douglas who had used iCare software to all lost backup files in original folder listing from a 1.5 TB USB Seagate Goflex hard disk which was asking to format before access:

"Aloha, For the Team at iCare Data Recovery:
I just had my life end in front of me!
I lost all my backup files on my 1.5TB USB Seagate GoFlex Disc. I made a great error my Cloning my 'C' drive to my USB disc. I was able to cancel the task, however, I could not access any files. The only message I received when I plugged my USB disc was 'would you like to format the drive?'... So I tried iCare data Recovery. I was very please that iCare took 4 hours to provide me a list of all my 1.5TB USB disc files in original folder listing. In addition, it took 1 hour to save my folders to my 'Download' folder on my 'C' drive. In short I wasted many hours trying to survey free data recovery applications. When I should of used iCare Data Recovery and save me many sleepless hours thinking can I recovery my files! I want to thank the Team at iCare Data Recovery for producing a data recovery application that works...

Here is the original email screenshot:

seagate external hdd not formatted

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