Not Formatted External Drive File Recovery from Kjab

Jan, 31, 2016—iCare Recovery got a feedback from an user called Kjab who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover a clear list of lost files with their names, sizes and dates when the computer Windows recognized it as not formatted and seemed to be damaged:

"Dear iCare Data Recovery team, I recently lost data from my external hard disk. I guess the disk was damaged. Windows recognized it as not formatted. I started to look for a solution – a good recovery program. It was difficult to find something that actually really worked with external drives. I wanted to find a program that would help me rebuild my original file tree. I tested around 10 solutions available on the internet. iCare Data Recovery was the only one that worked neat and fast and was really user friendly. I got a clear list of my lost files with their names, size and date. I could recover exactly what I wanted. Thank you again for helping with data recovery."

Here is the original mail screenshot:

Recovering Lost Data from Not Formatted External Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When your computer external hard drive seems to be damaged somehow and gets a not formatted error message before any access, iCare Data Recovery Pro could be your desired solution to recover lost PPT/Excel/TXT/Doc files, music, pictures, videos and the like information. Honestly, no matter why your external hard drive is asking you to format, like the external drive blank or has unsupported file system problems, external drive RAW format problems, CHKDSK RAW drive error problems, external drive virus infection problems and damaged external drive problems, etc, your original USB hard drive contents are not erased completely before you perform any drive formatting or rewriting process there. Hence, before you do lose everything off from this unformatted external drive, go download and apply iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan all inaccessible drive information out and recover it back with success. With this software installed on your PC, you can not only cope with this not formatted USB hard drive data recovery issues successfully, and also can easily recover deleted or lost data from different pen drives, CF cards, SD cards, Micro SD cards and the like storage devices in the future after accidental storage device delete, shift delete, Recycle Bin Emptying, drive format/reformat, sudden computer power loss or drive corruption and more. Make important drive data backups well in the future to avoid such data loss troubles.

And now, go download iCare Data Recovery Pro here to recover lost data:

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