Not Formatted 4TB External USB Drive File Recovery from Aaron

May.16, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Aaron who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover critically important files from 4TB external USB drive when it said the drive was not formatted:

"Here is my success story. I have a 4 TB external USB drive, I went to use it one day and bam, it said the drive was not formatted. I looked at some various data recovery options, and I tried several of them, but iCare Recovery seemed the best for me. The interface, the process, everything about it was very well nicely put together. I was able to recover a few critically important things with iCare Recovery Home Edition …Everything worked as advertised, no complaints really. Looking forward to seeing how it recovers much more data. You guys rock so far!!"

Here is the original mail screenshot:

external usb drive not formatted

Recover Data from Not Formatted External USB Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Generally, it is really possible to take the original files back from external USB hard drive with not formatted error by using reliable data recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro which always helps recover inaccessible data back from storage device with unformatted error problems caused by virus infection, RAW file system, improper drive extraction or computer shutdown and drive logical damages, etc.
Merely go read more related not formatted storage device data loss troubles and go follow simple steps mentioned below to get lost drive documents, videos, songs, mails games, photos and more files back:

"Hello! When I inserted my USB hard disk to my notebook, it said it successfully installed there. But, it did not appear in My Computer interface as usual. When I checking it in Disk Management window, it just said it was not formatted. Can you please help me recover lost USB hard drive files back? I cannot afford to lose anything inside. Thanks!"

"Hi! One of my hard disks seems to get a problem recently. Whenever I try to open it on my PC, I will get this message: 'The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?' It might be damaged last time after I extracted it out from my work computer without using Safely Remove Hardware. I do have left many really important work documents inside this drive. Is there a way to fix this not formatted error? How about getting lost drive files back? Please help me!"

"Hello! My 2TB Seagate portable hard drive is nearly full and has backed up much important computer files, games, applications, videos and more stuffs. But, recently, it is detected as RAW and keeps asking to format. I really cannot figure out how to resolve this unformatted drive without losing files. Do you get any idea for me? Thank you in advance!"

No matter why your external hard drive reports it is not formatted, you are supposed not to format and rewrite it now. Merely plunge it to your computer and let iCare Data Recovery Pro scan it thoroughly to take all possible storage contents back.

And here is the step-by-step tutorial for you to recover data from not formatted external drive:

Step1. Download and launch iCare Data Recovery Pro on the computer with not formatted drive attached.
Step2. Start this software to choose a desired data recovery mode and also highlight this unformatted drive out from other devices.
Step3. Scan this drive deeply and also preview scanned documents, photos and files with patience.
Step4. Select a different data storing path to hold all restored drive information.

Please Note:

*Do not download, store and install data recovery software on the storage device with unformatted drive data loss problem.
*Preview the scanned information before the final data recovery.
*Select a different storage device as the target storage device to save restored files in case of data recovery failures.
*Never save very important data on only one storage device again in the future.

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