Mobile Memory Card Data Recovery from Ashutosh

Oct.17, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Ashutosh who had used iCare software to recover 70% of photos and data back from mobile memory card after he lost his data while cooking some stuff on mobile:

I would like to thanks many many thanks to iCare Recovery. I lost my data while cooking some stuff on mobile. Tried to get the Data with iCare Data recovery. In free version could not get my data but with help of iCare support team got iCare giveaway exe and recovered Data.
In this recovery some photos are not available some photos are half only, but still i got my 70% photos from Mobile Memory card. Really appreciated and recommended icare Data Recovery software to get lost data from HDD, Memory card etc. This Software is very easy to use and taking very less time. For my 1 Gb data took only 15 minutes to Deep scan and recover. Here I can See previews of my recovered Data and so many nice features.
I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as satisfied user.
Appreciated again to iCare Recovery
Thank you very much

Here is the original email screenshot:

phone memory card recovery

Mobile Phone Memory Card Photo and Data Recovery with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Are you also seeking for helps to recover pictures, music, contacts and messages from the memory card of your android or Windows, Samsung or blackberry, HTC or LG, Nokia or iPhone cell phone when you also have deleted or lost crucial data while cooking, cutting, pasting, deleting or formatting something on your phone? Also consider whether it is the high time to give up after you do have used several phone memory card photo recovery utilities found online and failed in recovering lost phone information back? OK! Do not lose hope. Like the above user, you may also go run iCare Data Recovery Pro, which is able to rescue mobile SD or Micro SD card contents back as many as possible before you really rewritten this phone storage card completely with new files.       
If you are interested, go download and start iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

Free Version of iCare Data Recovery Pro Is Completely Free Now

Honestly, at the outset, the free version of iCare Data Recovery Pro is designed and developed for people to do a evaluation before they really purchase a code for a complete data recovery in case of any after-sale troubles. And, since it is a free evaluation version, it allows users to recover only 1GB of scanned data for free. That’s also why the above user Ashutosh writes: 'in free version could not get my data…' However, right now, in order to meet the needs of more iCare Data Recovery Pro users, the original free version is upgraded and is able to recover unlimited data for free now.
Hence, if you really need the related data recovery helps, go download the new free version from the official site of iCare Recovery. Of course, if you think it is really effective, it is also a good chance to pay a code for future use.

Why You Cannot Scan 1 GB Data with Only 15 Minutes by Using Deep Scan Recovery Mode?

Also pick a Deep Scan Recovery mode on your storage device with phone data loss troubles and find this software takes 5 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, 24 hours or even far longer time to do a complete scanning there, not the 15 minutes per 1GB mentioned above? OK! Honestly, how long a deep scan recovery will take often depends on how large your allocated storage device and how much data you do have left there. And, unfortunately, when your memory card or storage device gets physical damages, like bad sectors, you may also be asked to wait for much longer. And, it is possible to be forever.
Overall, next time, when your storage device also need to be scanned with an abnormal time, just go stop the scanning after five hours and retrieve the found data as possible as you.

Save Android or Windows Phone Backups before any Cooking, Copying, Deleting, Resetting and More

In most cases, in order to recover pictures, audios and files from phone SD memory card successfully, the most remarkable method way is to search and apply a third party memory card recovery program. However, the answer also could be totally different when you do have save your Android or Windows phone data backups on your computer C, D or E partitions, Seagate or WD USB hard drives, Toshiba USB flash drives or even also a SD memory card, etc. Hence, in order to avoid any phone data recovery process possibly occurred in the future, you are supposed save mobile file backups well before any phone cooking, deleting, formatting, cutting, resetting, wiping and more the like operating.

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