Lost SSD C Partition File Recovery after Mistaken Operating System Installation from Michael

Jul.21, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an user called Michael who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all lost files from SSD C drive when the SSD C partition disappeared after a mistaken operating system installation:

"Tom Hello again…I have tried the icare software on 18/01/2016 when my Toshiba 110 netbook lost all the files of the SSD C: drive due to a mistake in the installation of new operating system. My intention was to install Linux and run a double boot with Windows but unfortunatelly after completing the instalation the Windows partition had disapeared. I tried many freewares that offer a 1Giga test recovery and icare seemed to be thefastest and most reliable. I had used the 1 GB and had the opportunity to see that almost all my data were there waiting for me to be reocvered in full, After I had paid for the full version of the software I received an activation code. I used the code and right away I gained full access to all my lost data. icare is a very reliable tool to keep in the back of your mind once a damage happens to your hard drive."

Here is the original mail screenshot:

lost ssd c partition file recovery after operating system installation

Recover Lost SSD Partition Data with iCare Data Recovery Pro

No matter whether you are also stuck in such disappeared SSD partition file loss troubles due to a mistake OS installation or the like reasons, this iCare Data Recovery Pro could be a promising chance for you to perform a deep scan on this SSD and find all possible original files back as you wish. Here, just go see more related SSD data loss cases and see how iCare Data Recovery Pro could help you retrieve the desired photos, mails, movies, audios, documents and files back:

"Hello! Last night, I did have installed a new Windows 7 operating system on my desktop with a SSD installed. However, during the installing, an error occurred and I did have not "clean all" drive information. And now, though the OS is smoothly installed there, I just lose everything inside this SSD. Is there any suggestion for me to recover data from cleaned SSD? Thank you!"

"Hey, guys! I was trying to repartition my Samsung SSD last week for some reasons and accidentally deleted a partition with much films and audios. Do you know how to recover data from deleted SSD partition? Any help would be highly appreciated here! Thanks!"

"Hi! I did a partition format on my Samsung 850 SSD this morning. After the entire formatting process was completed, I just finally realized that there were still tons of files and pictures stored inside that formatted SSD partition. Is my partition data lost completely? Is there anyway to recover it back? If so, what am I supposed to do now? Thanks for any detailed suggestion!"

Hello, after mistaken delete or format, your SSD partition files are really possibly lost when you do reuse the same drive partition to hold new files, like the newly installed OS files and folders. However, no matter how much new information you do have moved there, go stop using this drive partition and apply iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost files back as many as possible. With a Deep Scan Recovery mode and Lost Partition Recovery mode, it is always not difficult for you to scan the deleted, formatted or disappeared SSD partition and retrieve lost drive contents.
Here are simple steps to recover data from SSD partition with iCare Data Recovery Pro:
Step1. Download and install data recovery software on a different drive or SSD partition.
Step2. Select a proper recovery mode according to your own case.
Step3. Scan this deleted, lost or formatted SSD partition and preview the found files one by one.
Step4. Recover data to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Notes and Tips:
*If you do have saved the installed OS files and folders on the same SSD partition after delete or format, your data may be gone forever. Just perform a deep scan there to find good ones back as possible as you can.
*If you do have extra partitions or drives available now, go save everything restored there to avoid worse data loss troubles.
*If you do not want to encounter such SSD partition data loss troubles again, always prepared drives or devices to prepare data backups well all the time.

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