Lost Samsung Mobile Phone Photo Recovery from Jessica

May.20, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Jessica who had used iCare software to recover more than 1GB of precious mobile phone photos when they were lost while being changed between S5 to S7:

"It has recovered more than 1gb. There are many many photos of our grandma. When she was still at home, times in the nursing home, at hospital. Many happy smiles and pictures we would love to cherish."

Here is the original mail screenshot:

lost samsung phone photo recovery

Recover Lost Files from Samsung Mobile Phone Memory Card with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When your cherished or very important photos, videos, audios, messages and files are lost off from Samsung mobile phone memory card, with the help of iCare Data Recovery Pro, you are often allowed to thoroughly scan your cell phone and preview all found stuffs carefully to see whether your desired information is able to be taken back with success. So, if you meet such Samsung mobile phone data loss troubles in reality as below, go download iCare Data Recovery Pro and try to retrieve your lost data back easily:

"OK! I had lost hundreds of pictures off from my 32GB SD card while was playing around with my S7 Samsung mobile phone. Though I did have copied some back from backups stored on another Seagate USB hard drive. I still got many precious photos lost. I really have no idea of recovering images from phone memory card. Do you have any way to help me out? Thank you in advance!"

"Hello, last night, while going through some photos with my Samsung Galaxy Note phone, I just mistakenly deleted a folder that was filled with pictures taken with my friends in London. Is it still possible to take lost photos from Samsung mobile phone? What will we use? Is the phone SD card data recovery software found online useful or necessary? Thanks for any fast response!"

"How can I recover lost videos and audios from Samsung S7 smart phone? Honestly, my Android Samsung mobile phone was formatted due to virus infection yesterday and many stored videos and audios were gone. Were all my files recoverable now? What can I do now to recover lost phone data back? Thanks!"

"Hello! I upgraded my Samsung mobile phone straightly when I thought I did have saved all left pictures, texts, messages and songs to a SD card inside. However, after everything related is done, I just found all the newly updated information was not held on that SD card. Perhaps, I did have forgotten to update the phone data backups before the upgrading. Is there any solution to recover lost data from phone after upgrading? Thank you for any help here!"

When you do have unfortunately found that your cherished or important mobile phone files are really deleted or lost, extract your phone memory card out to avoid saving new information there and go download iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan this Samsung mobile phone memory card. Without rewriting this Samsung phone memory card after data loss troubles, you often can easily get lost or deleted information back with simple steps, like:

Step1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery Pro.
Step2. Select data recovery Scan Mode and pick your Samsung phone memory card out.
Step3. Scan phone SD card for lost photos, files and more. Preview the scanned information carefully.
Step4. Recover lost data to another memory card or storage device.

Please Note:

*Preview the found files to check whether iCare Data Recovery Pro works for your Samsung phone data loss troubles.
*Save lost photos and other files to a USB hard drive, flash drive or online storage, not this phone memory card with data loss issues.
*In the future, back up your Samsung phone information as possible as you can. 

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