Lost Hard Disk USB Pen Drive File Recovery from Alessandro

Jul.18, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an old user called Alessandro who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover about 250GB of working files and data from hard disk and USB pen drive successfully:

"Hi Tom…Anyway, by now I can say that I really appreciate how iCare works, I'm an engineer and  in 2012  I got a serious problem with my hard disk and I lost the entire partition disk.
After all night long using iCare I was able to recover all my working files about 250 Gb. For me your software was very providential because I saved many working hours.
From now on I used your software to recover file on USB pen drive a lot of time successfully.
I have been very lucky to find this software and I advise people to try and use it any time you need it
Thank you in advance

Here is the original email screenshot:

lost hdd usb pen drive recovery

Retrieve Lost Files from Hard Drive or Pen Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, just like the above iCare Data Recovery Pro user, you do also have faced the similar hard drive or USB pen drive working file or data loss troubles unexpectedly? No worry! No matter how you delete or lost your drive files, you are also able to run iCare Data Recovery Pro and rescue desired photos, videos, audios, mails, messages, documents and files back.
And now, go read more related data loss troubles and see how to take lost information back from hard drive or pen drive with ease and success:

"Hi, everyone. I do have made a very big mistake and formatted my WD external hard disk to lose all partition contents, including nearly 320 pictures, 20 videos and hundreds of Microsoft office documents. Is there anyone that can guide me to get lost data back from USB hard drive after format? Thanks for any help here!"

"Hey. I just deleted several image folders off from my Seagate hard disk and wondered to recover them all back. Honestly, there was also nothing deleted found back from Windows 7 computer Recycle Bin. Is there a way to recover deleted photos from hard disk? Thanks!"

"My Toshiba USB pen drive seems to fail recently perhaps. Every time, I click it on my Dell computer, it would give a 'the drive is not formatted' error message and asks me to format. But, I really need access files before any format since these pen drive files are not backed up elsewhere yet. Is it possible for me to recover photos and files from not formatted pen drive? Any idea would be appreciated."

"Hello! Buffalo USB hard drive was corrupted due to sudden shocking and could not found in My Computer. But, I did have very important Word documents and several videos left inside this drive. What can I do now to retrieve corrupted external drive files? Thank you in advance!"

Hello, friends! If you cannot find deleted or lost hard drive or pen drive files back from computer Recycle Bin after a careful check there, go stop using your storage device with lost file troubles. And then, connect this hard drive or flash drive to your PC and start iCare Data Recovery Pro to take chances. After facing some sudden deleted file loss troubles, formatted drive data loss troubles, unformatted drive data loss troubles and more, iCare Data Recovery Pro always helps scan your pen drive and hard drive thoroughly and find original files back as many as possible.
So, if you also want to give this iCare Data Recovery Pro a good try, go follow the below steps:
Step1. Download and install free version of iCare software.
Step2. Select a proper scan mode and start a deep scan on your hard drive or USB pen drive.
Step3. Preview the found files and pick the recoverable ones out.
Step4. Recover and save desired data to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:
*The free version always helps you evaluate whether the data recovery software deserves its price.
*Preview all scanned files to see how much of your original drive data is still recoverable.
*Arrange a different hard drive, flash drive or external drive to save all retrieved information in case of data recovery failures.
*Back up all important hard drive and USB pen drive files well in the future.

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