Lost Defective External Disk File Recovery from Nelson

Oct.12, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Nelson who had used iCare software to recover lost files from a defective external disk:

"Hi, Support,
The tool is very good and easy to handle. I was able to recover files that were lost in a defective external disk. If even faster, it would be excellent.
Thanks a lot and best regards

Here is the original email screenshot:

external hdd recovery

Recover Files from Defective External Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, friends! What has happened to your external hard drive? Why you call it a defective external hard drive? Is it corrupted or damaged somehow and could not be accessed properly on your PC? Does it get bad sectors and cause you data loss troubles? Or is it having some problems and makes your very important USB hard drive files inaccessible? No worry! No matter whether it is physically or logically damaged, plunge it to your PC and start iCare Data Recovery Pro to check whether this defective drive is still recognizable and see whether your left hard drive information is still recoverable.
And now, read more related corrupted or defective drive data loss troubles and learn how to recover lost external drive files back with ease:

"Hello, my Toshiba external hard drive is not being detected well on my Windows 7 Samsung laptop though it has been used for several months. Do you know how to recover my files from this defective Toshiba external drive? Thanks for any fast response!"

"My 320GB Samsung USB hard drive recently stopped working after a sudden computer power loss. It just could not be found in My Computer interface. However, while plunging this external drive to another computer, a message also came up and said it was not formatted. Do you have any solution to fix this corrupted USB hard drive? Is it still possible for me to recover data from a corrupted hard drive? Please help me! Thank you in advance!"

"Hi. My Windows 8 computer internal hard drive seems to get bad sectors and many of my stored very important documents and files could not be found back. Is it now possible to format this hard drive to resolve such bad sector problems? The computer CHKDSK tool just reports there are many bad sectors? If I do a format there, is it possible to recover my drive files back? Thank you very much!"

Hello, no matter whether your internal or external hard drive is defective, corrupted or damaged anyway, you can go connect it to your PC and check whether this hard drive is still detectable on your computer. If it is still recognizable there, like being shown in Disk Management or My Computer interface, you are often hopeful to recover lost drive data back with the help of corrupted or defective hard drive data recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro. But, if this drive could not cause any response on any computer, your drive must be damaged seriously. Go take it to a local data recovery shops or agencies for help.

Here are simple data recovery steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you:

Step1. Plunge your internal or external hard drive to your PC with iCare Data Recovery Pro installed.
Step2. Run this iCare software and select Deep Scan Recovery mode to thoroughly scan your drive.
Step3. Preview the listed files after a deep scan and evaluate whether this software can help perform a successful data recovery at last.
Step4. Purchase a code and recover lost files from defective or corrupted hard drive with ease.

Please Note:

*Install and save iCare Data Recovery Pro on a different computer hard drive in case of permanent data loss.
*Use more data recovery modes listed on its main screens to scan and harvest far more original drive information.
*Purchase a code when you do have check the scanned files carefully and think it is worth trying.
*Save the retrieved data to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

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