Lost Computer PPT File Recovery from Suhas

May.10, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Suhas who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost computer PowerPoint files back when computer power suddenly went off and all PPT files were absolutely gone:

"…Basically I was working on a power point presentation the whole day and the power went off. When I came back, the presentation was gone, absolutely gone. It said the shortcut link to the presentation name is no longer functional. And the file just was not there in the folder I tried the standard recovery procedure recommended by Microsoft, but the file was in no place visible. I tried searching around, some ghost of it somewhere, but it was not there. Then when I installed your software, in the folder it showed me a tmp file with some alphanumeric initials... I changed the extension and opened in power point and viola, I got my file back. More than the volume of data, it was the train of thought of a very important presentation which I was afraid I would not be able to recreate had I not got the file. "

Here is the original mail screenshot:

ppt file recovery

Recover Lost Computer Files back with iCare Data Recovery Pro

As an all-in-one data recovery program, iCare Data Recovery Pro is able to help deal with many related lost computer data recovery problems.
Merely check the below related similar data loss problems and see what you can do to get desired computer files back with iCare Data Recovery:

"Hello! One of my friends said that he had saved his PPT documents on a Windows 7 computer and found they were all not available there. Whenever he tried to open such files, he would receive an error warning saying: 'The document is either deleted or not currently accessible'. What could he do to recover lost computer PPT files back? Any help is greatly appreciated."

"Hey! Do you know any tool to recover lost PowerPoint files? My friend has spent nearly entire week to rescue deleted files back. She just lose these presentation files with shift delete accidentally and find nothing back from Recycle Bin. Anyone gets any idea to take deleted computer PPT files back? Thanks!"

"Last Friday, I just uploaded tons of Word, PowerPoint and Notepad documents to my Windows 8 laptop and found they all disappeared after a sudden power loss. Nothing left anywhere. Is it still possible to retrieve these lost files back? What should I do now? Do you have any recommendation? Thank you in advance!"

OK! No matter whether you do find lost original PPT, Excel, TXT, PDF or other types of lost documents back from your computer Recycle Bin, after sudden power loss, accidental delete or more data loss issues, do not rush to give in. Stop adding new data to the storage devices with your precious documents saved before and download iCare Data Recovery Pro to see whether these lost computer files are still recoverable.
And in order to take your lost information back with ease, here is a step-by-step guide of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you:

Step1. Insert an external drive or allocate a different storage device to download and install iCare Data Recovery Pro to cause no permanent data loss.
Step2. Open up this data recovery software to choose a desired Scan Mode and also start a scan on the computer drive or partition with data loss troubles.
Step3. Preview the scanned files to see whether all your preferable documents are able to be taken back.
Step4. Save all restored information to the USB hard drive or another storage device.
Please Note: Learn lessons to save precious or important computer documents on several drives or locations well from now on.

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