Laptop Needing to Format Error Recovery after a Severe Failure from Hemant

Aug.24, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an user called Hemant who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover needed files and documents that were not backed up well from his laptop that needed to be formatted after a severe failure:

"Hi Team, Kudos to your software, I needed to format my laptop after a severe failure. I downloaded your software and was able to recover my much needed files and documents as i didn't had any back up. Thank you so much."

Here is the original email screenshot:

laptop need to format error

Retrieve Files from Not Formatted Laptop Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, friends there. You also need to format laptop hard drive or partitions due to computer failures, hard drive RAW file system error or corrupted hard drive problems, etc, when you also prepare no computer data backups elsewhere? OK! No matter why your computer hard drives or partitions get such not formatted or unformatted error problems, like the above user, you can also avoid formatting this drive or partition and run iCare Data Recovery Pro to take chances. Here, go read more related computer drive/partition unformatted error issues and download iCare Data Recovery Pro to take lost documents, games, videos, songs, mails and files back:

"Hello! I need to format my recovery partition of my Samsung laptop since it has a RAW file system type, not the previous NTFS. I have started CHKDSK there and also been told it is not available for RAW drives. Can you help me? Can you recover my recovery partition files on my Windows 7 laptop? Thanks for any advice!"

"My notebook is running realty very, very slowly in recent days and also freezes from time to time. Hence, I have tried all searched ways about how to speed up computer and finally make the inner hard drive not formatted. Just install a program there and entire hard drive become really strange. Do I have to format this notebook drive? I just want to rescue the drive files. Do you have any idea to recover data from not formatted computer drive? Thank you very much!"

"I have a Dell computer and wondered to format a WD external hard drive with many bad sectors. However, mistakenly format the inner Seagate hard drive instead. And though I do have immediately stopped the formatting process, the computer hard drive also keeps asking to format before use. Please help me recover hard drive data before format. Any help will be appreciated here! Thanks!"

"Hey! Computer hard drive is not recognized and requires formatting. But, I cannot format it to erase entire hard drive files. How can I do now to recover not formatted computer hard drive files? Thank you in advance!"

Even though the formatting process will not erase your laptop hard drive files actually, you are supposed not to do ant formatting process there before you recover important computer files and documents back. Merely, stop rewriting this unformatted hard drive to avoid permanent data loss and run iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan and recover lost computer data back with success.
Here is the step-by-step guide for you to use iCare Data Recovery Pro with ease and success:
Step1. Select a different computer hard drive or external drive to download and install iCare software.
Step2. Open this iCare Data Recovery Pro and select a device recovery mode.
Step3. Scan the not formatted laptop hard drive and preview scanned files carefully.
Step4. Recover desired documents and files to another storage device, not this unformatted laptop hard drive.

Notes and Tips:
*No matter whether you have formatted this laptop hard drive, save no new files on the same not formatted drive before data recovery.
*Preview the scanned files one by one to check whether most of your laptop data is recoverable before any software purchase.

*Save and back up all desired drive information to another hard drives or devices to avoid data recovery failures.

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