Inaccessible External Western Digital Hard Drive File Photo Recovery from Peter

Feb. 29, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Peter who used iCare software to recover the lost files, particularly some important photographs, from an external Western Digital hard drive that became inaccessible:

"Dear Sirs, I have an external Western Digital hard drive, the data on which had become inaccessible. I have managed to recover the files, particularly some photographs, using your iCare Recovery free download…It did take some hours, but pleased with the result as posted on your Facebook page."

Here is the original mail screenshot:

Recover Data from Inaccessible WD External Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When you cannot access any original file stored on a RAW file system or not formatted WD external hard drives, when you cannot use anything deleted after emptying computer Recycle Bin, when you cannot extract data from virus infected WD USB hard drives or when you cannot recover lost data from formatted or reformatted WD removable hard drives, iCare Data Recovery Pro can help you recover inaccessible data back from that WD external hard drive with several simple clicks. Why? This iCare Data Recovery pro software offers a Deep Scan Recovery for every user to easily and thoroughly scan the selected storage device and restore inaccessible data back whenever you do have encounter a external drive RAW file system error, drive not formatted error, logically damaged error, CHKDSK RAW drive error and more. When you do have accidentally format your WD external drive or deleted something important inside, there are also another two data recovery modes offered for you to choose, including Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery.

Hence, go download iCare Data Recovery Pro here to scan your inaccessible WD USB hard drive here:

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