Inaccessible External HDD Data Recovery from Addinul

May.8, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Addinul who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover and access data from inaccessible external HDD through lost partition recovery mode of this software:

"Hi Thanks for making this software, I can access my data again through partition recovery. Your software can recover my inaccessible external hdd, unlike other recovery software. Yes, I try testdisk software but it didn’t work…the result was perfect. Thanks…"

Here is the original mail screenshot:

inaccessible external hdd recovery

Recover Data from Inaccessible External HDD with iCare Data Recovery Pro

With three data recovery modes, including Lost Partition Recovery, Deleted File Recovery and Deep Scan Recovery, iCare Data Recovery Pro is not only able to help people take lost documents, audios files, movies, games, applications and files back from inaccessible external HDD with ease and efficiency, and also helps cope with many related USB hard drive data loss troubles as below:

"Hello! My connected USB HDD with nearly 1TB of important computer data asks me to format when my notebook keeps freezing up and forcing me to restart. Thank you for any solution to repair this drive and also recover inaccessible drive data!"

"Hey! All over there! Recently, I seemed to upgrade my Windows 7 to Windows 8 improperly, which made my Seagate external hard drive missing from My Computer window. And it was only found in Disk Management and was displayed as RAW format there. Is there any way to recover drive data back! Thanks in advance!"

"My 500GB Transcend external hard drive can not be accessed now since it is only shown as not initialized in Disk Management interface. Please help me recover drive files back as soon as possible! Thanks."

"Hello! In the last week, my WD 1TB external HHD kept asking for format after it was used on the Windows 7 laptop of my boy friend. But, I just have copied and posted several precious folders there and planed to transfer them to my computer. How come I just format this drive to wipe everything! How can I recover inaccessible WD drive data? Any idea would be appreciated here!"

When you are really stuck in such inaccessible USB hard drive file loss troubles, stop using this drive and start iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan and retrieve all recoverable original files back.
And here are common steps for you to retrieve external HDD data back with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

Step1. Download and launch this data recovery software on your PC. Just do not choose this inaccessible external drive to hold anything new.
Step2. Double click the icon of this software listed on your desktop to choose a proper data recovery mode and also start scanning your drive.
Step3. Preview the found documents, photos and files after a thorough scan and decide whether it is necessary to pay for this software.
Step4. Restore the inaccessible hard drive information to a different computer storage device well.


*Go try its free or trial version firstly to see whether this software is workable perfectly for your case.
*Preview the found information carefully and see whether it deserves its price for you before any purchase.
*The external drive with bad blocks often makes this software take abnormal time to complete the deep scanning. Hence, in order to save time, always cancel the scanning process when it scans your devices for 5 hours.
*Make external HDD data backups from now on to avoid unexpected data loss troubles.

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