I Recently Accidentally Reformatted Seagate 320GB Hard Drive

Dec.23, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Luiz who had used iCare software to recover 10 years of data, pictures and files, etc, in their original folders after he recently accidentally reformatted his Seagate 320GB hard drive:

"To whom it may concern,
I want to thank your company for a great product. I recently accidently reformatted my Seagate 320 GB hard drive and 10 years of data, pics, files, etc... was wiped clean. I ran the program and retrieved all of my files in their original folders!
This program was a life safer! Again thank you for saving my memories!

Here is the original email screenshot:

format hdd

Accidentally Reformatted Hard Drive File Recovery with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Generally speaking, it is really possible for Seagate or WD hard drive user to accidentally or mistakenly reformat their HD due to corrupted drive issues, drive unformatted error issues, drive bad sector issues and drive virus issues, etc, in daily use. However, no matter why and how you do have done a reformat there, the accidentally reformatted hard disk file recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, is often highly recommended for people to recover files back to another SSD, USB hard drive, pen drive or the like storage device successfully.
Here, in your case, after accidental reformat, also download and try this iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve lost pictures, videos, data and files with ease:

Recover Seagate Hard Drive Files in Their Original Folders and Names after Reformat

Without overwriting new information on this reformatted Seagate 320GB hard drive or other branded hard disks reformatted, iCare Data Recovery Pro often is able to help retrieve files in their original folders and names with ease. However, provided that your original drive gets too many bad sectors, is partially overwritten, your data has been lost for a realty long time or some of your desired hard drive information is already corrupted before or during the reformatting process, your lost hard disk files may be retrieved with no name or in RAW state after applying its Deep scan recovery mode which often will start a thorough scan on your reformatted storage device from one sector to another and find all possible files and file fragment. No worry! Just check all scanned files and folders one by one to select your needed ones out with patience.

10 Years or Even Longer Time of Data, Pictures and Files Are Able to Be Retrieved

Also lose 10 years or even longer time of data, pictures, films and files off from your reformatted Seagate, WD or Samsung internal or external hard drive? All right! No matter how long your information has been stored there and how much data you do have left there, iCare Data Recovery Pro is able to help you take it back as long as these files are not rewritten completely yet. Therefore, stop rewriting this reformatted hard drive and use its Deep Scan Recovery mode to retrieve your original files and folders back.

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