Getting Message to Format Memory Card Recovery from Eva

May.6, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Eva who had used iCare software to recover photos from memory card very easily when he kept getting the message to format the card:

"Hello, thank you for your help. I just wanted to inform you that I was able to save my photos from my card reader because I kept getting the message to format.
The process was very easy and I am very happy that I didn't lose my photos. Thank you once again.

Here is the original mail screenshot:

memory card requires formatting

Recover Data from Not Formatted or Unformatted Memory Card with iCare Data Recovery Pro

iCare Data Recovery Pro, as a reliable memory card data recovery tool, always helps a lot in taking the inaccessible digital camera or mobile phone photos, videos, songs, messages and files back from the inner used SD card, Micro SD card or memory card with success. And here, go read more related not formatted or unformatted memory card data loss troubles and see what you are supposed to do for retrieving last data with iCare Data Recovery Pro easily:

"Hello! I have a 32GB Micro SD card that is formatted on my PC when it says you need to format the card. And my mobile phone also no longer recognizes it for such not formatted error anyhow. Do you get any idea to take my lost phone messages and files back?"

"Hey! I have about 200 pictures taken by my Nikon camera and stored them all on the inner SD card. But, now, I get the message saying: '…cannot read from the card. Do you want to format it?' How can I recover these precious photos back? Thanks in advance!"

"HI! Get a message: 'You need to format the disk before you can use it' on my mobile phone while trying to access some photos stored on a Micro SD card. Am I supposed to format it? Please help me recover the card data. Thanks!"

"I just received a not formatted error message when inserting my camera memory card to my laptop with a card reader. I did not know what happened. But, there was a large amount of data left on this camera card. Could you just help me get my lost information back? Any advice here is greatly appreciated. Thanks!"

OK! No worry! No matter whether you’ve formatted your memory card yet when you receive such card not formatted or unformatted error messages, always keep it away from anything else to avoid permanent data loss. And then, rely on iCare Data Recovery Pro and see how many original camera or phone photos, messages, songs, videos, contacts, documents and more files back step by step:

Step1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery Pro on a computer storage device, not this memory card with not formatted error.
Step2. Run software and pick out a proper data recovery mode when you are asked to choose one from three listed ones.
Step3. Perform a deep scan on your camera or phone memory card and preview the scanned photos and files carefully.
Step4. Move all retrieved data to a different storage device, not this original memory card.

*Save anything else on the same memory card before or after the data recovery could decrease the chances of successful data recovery.
*Previewing scanned information carefully and selecting the recoverable ones out can help save much time.
*Make camera or phone memory card data backups from now on.

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