Formatted WD Passport Hard Drive Music Video and File Recovery from Justin

Sep.12, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Justin who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover over 94837 files back when he was trying to format a SD card for his android phone, but, mistakenly formatted WD passport hard drive with over 400GB files instead:

"So i today i was trying to format my SD card for my android phone when I messed up and formatted my WD passport and didn't realize till the last minute that i formatted it and i was upset because i lost over 400 gb of files but so far it has found over 94837 files its been going for 7 hours so far! so I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user…
Thank you

Here is the original email screenshot:

formatted wd passport hdd recovery

Recover Formatted WD Hard Drive Data with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, your WD Passport, Blue, Book or Black hard drive also has been mistakenly or purposely formatted due to wrong operating, hard drive corruption, hard drive unformatted or RAW file system error problems or hard drive virus attack and more causes? No worry! You can still recover lost WD hard drive audios, videos, pictures, documents, apps and files back with the help of format recovery software, iCare Data Recovery Pro, before the original hard drive information is really lost permanently.   

Hence, right now, go read more related formatted WD hard drive data recovery situations and try iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve your lost data after format:

"Hello! I formatted my WD passport external hard drive since it was not recognized by my Windows 7 PC and asked to format. So, I did a format there and also lost all apps, games and files inside. Hope someone there could help me recover formatted WD passport external drive data. Thank you!"

"Hi! While trying to read my WD Black hard drive on my Samsung laptop, I just received an error message saying: 'the drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?' Since there were still nearly 320GB of photos, documents and videos of the past years inside this drive, I just formatted it so that I can still access it. But, my drive files were also wiped. Does the found data recovery software really help recover hard drive files after format? Any advice could be highly appreciated here! Thanks a lot!"

"My external hard drive was formatted while I was trying to read it on my Samsung Galaxy S6 cell phone. While plugging it back to my Windows 8 computer, this hard drive also kept asking to format there. Why? What has happened to this external drive? Is it still possible to perform format recovery there to recover hard drive files? Thank you for any help!"

"Hello! My 1TB WD hard disk seems to get corrupted and is recognized as RAW format in my Windows 7 desktop computer. And, I have searched the related RAW file system errors online and learned that I can format this hard drive from RAW into NTFS and restore its common use. So, I format it there and also lose all hard drive files. Please suggest me how to recover hard drive data after format?"

By formatting process, all your WD hard drive files are only marked as "delete" and are still stored invisibly there. With a proper format recovery program, like iCare Data recovery Pro, you always can easily scan that formatted WD drive thoroughly and recover lost music, videos, documents, photos and more files back before they are all corrupted or rewritten completely. So, save no new computer information to rewrite or corrupt nothing inside and download iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan this formatted hard drive.
Here, go follow simple steps to recover lost data with iCare Data Recovery Pro:
Step1. Run iCare software on your computer hard drive, not this formatted WD drive.
Step2. Pick Deep Scan Recovery mode to scan your hard drive formatted deeply.
Step3. Click and preview the scanned files that listed on its main screen one by one patiently.
Step4. Purchase a code to recover lost information back with success.

Please Attention:
*Preview the scanned information carefully to see whether you need purchase a code or not.
*Save all retrieved data to storage devices that have no any data loss trouble in case of data recovery failures.
*Go try all listed data recovery modes to save all possible recoverable files back, if possible.
*Prepare more extra storage devices to save WD hard drive file backups well from now on.

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