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Jul.24, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an user called Andrew who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover 1 terabyte of lost all family and travel photos, videos, music and files back successfully when a USB hard drive was accidentally formatted in the PVR format:

"Hi, Here is one example love using iCare data recovery Pro where I was able to retrieve 1 terabyte of data which otherwise I would have lost…I had a hard drive that was accidentally formatted in the PVR video format and lost all data off a USB drive which included family and travel photos and many videos and all of my music. All of the freeway programs I tried could not see the old partition and couldn't see any of the files. I downloaded the trial Icare Data Revovery Pro and it saw through to the original fat 32 partition and I was able to recover all the data successfully. Thanks to Icare Data Revovery Pro after purchasing the license I recovered 1 terabyte of lost data that my family and I would have been devastated without being able to recover."

Here is the original mail screenshot:

formatted usb drive data recovery

Retrieving Lost Files from Accidentally Formatted USB drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Like the above iCare Data Recovery Pro user, you do also have formatted your USB flash drive with much important data accidentally anyhow? Also want to rescue far more drive messages, pictures, audios, videos, documents, mails and more files back? OK! You may also go try iCare Data Recovery Pro to perform format recovery on this formatted USB drive.
And now, merely go read more related formatted USB drive file loss troubles and see what should be done to retrieve lost data from formatted pen drive:

"Hello! By mistake, I formatted my 1TB pen drive on a Windows 8 laptop last weekends and found nearly all of my important computer Word files, excel files, films, songs and more files were lost. Any idea? I only did a quick format there and is there any way to take lost data back from formatted USB drive? Thanks!"

"I did format a Toshiba USB thumb drive with nearly 25GB of music and files since it needed to be formatted on my computer and latter realized that several file folders had not been backed up on my WD USB hard drive yet. I did read many related format recovery articles and found data recovery software was able to be my solutions to rescue everything back. But, I didn't know which one could work on my case. Can you give me any suggestion to do format recovery? Thank you very much!"

"Hi! I downloaded and applied several free data recovery tools searched over the internet. However, none of them could help take all my lost pictures and files back from a 32GB flash drive after mistaken format. It was just in RAW and asked to format. You do know anything about it? Thanks!"

"Some precious wedding videos were lost off from my flash drive the day before yesterday. I just got nothing back till now. How can I recover formatted flash drive when it was asking to format for RAW file system? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!"

Hello, friends! Fortunately, format recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, is able to help take lost drive contents back when you do a quick or full format on a storage device due to mistake operating, RAW file system errors, drive not formatted errors, virus infection issues, damaged drive issues and more. Just install and let iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan your formatted thumb drive. And then, preview and retrieve original information as possible as you can.
Here is a simple data recovery tutorial of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you:
Step1. Stop using this formatted drive, download and install iCare Data Recovery Pro on your PC.
Step2. Open up this software and select a scan recovery mode according to your cases.
Step3. Scan and preview drive information.
Step4. Save all retrieved data to another disk, partition or storage device to avoid worse data loss situations.

Please Attention:
*The more new data you have rewritten on this formatted flash drive, the less original data you will successfully recover. So, add no new data there before any successful data recovery.
*Preview the scanned pictures, documents and files carefully before the final data recovery process. If you do successfully preview most or even all of your lost drive data, this software is absolutely workable for your case.
*Back up important USB flash drive files well all the time and also double check data backups before any format.

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