Formatted SD Card Data Recovery from Jodun

May.26, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Jodun who had used iCare software to recover all wedding videos and other data after he managed to format his SD card and lost everything:

"I had been waiting for ages to get all the original video footage from our wedding in my excitement when it arrived I managed to "format" my SD card and lost everything!!!! I tried about 5 free software repair websites and none of them found the stuff! I was devestated BUT then I tried icare recovery and it found it all!!!! I was over the moon as I was so upset thinking we had lost it all. Definitely recommend it"

Here is the original email screenshot:

formatted sd card recovery

Retrieve Formatted SD Card Videos, Photos, Files and Data with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When you do have formatted your digital camera or cell phone SD card and lost everything unexpectedly, do not rush to write more photos, videos, files and more on the same device SD card and go try iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover missing data back. Go read more related formatted SD card data loss situations and go see how to take lost files back with iCare Data Recovery Pro with ease:

"OK! My boy friend accidentally formatted my SanDisk SD card that was often used on my digital camera while he used it on his Samsung mobile phone to upload some precious videos and pictures. Do you know how to recover lost videos from camera SD card after format? This is urgent! Thanks!"

"Hey! I have performed a quick format on a 32GB SD card which is generally used on my Blackberry phone when I attempt to format another hard drive connected on the same computer. Any suggestion for me to recover formatted SD card data back? Thank you for any help!"

"Is it possible to recover files from phone SD card that has been formatted about 5 times and corrupted sd card which has not been used to store new data again? I am just forced to format this memory card anyhow. How can I perform SD card data recovery after format? Thanks!"

"My digital camera SD card has held many gorgeous pictures and videos taken by my brothers. However, I just formatted this memory card by accident when it is saying it needs to be formatted. Has any one experienced similar SD card unformatted error and also formatted it without data backups? Is it possible for me to recover data from formatted SD card? Thank you very much!"

Hello! As long as these SD card has not been used again and again after that format, you do get chances to recover lost data back with the help of iCare Data Recovery Pro. What you are supposed to do now is to replace this formatted SD card with another memory card and insert it to your computer with a card reader. And then, let iCare Data Recovery Pro to deeply scan this memory card and see whether lost information is able to retrieved back smoothly.

Here, go follow the common data recovery steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro to get your lost data back:
Step1. Launch and start this data recovery software on your PC.
Step2. Choose a fixable data recovery mode to scan your formatted SD card.
Step3. Preview the scanned photos and files to see whether you need purchase a code.
Step4. Retrieve everything desired to computer hard drives, memory cards or other storage devices, not this formatted card.

Please Note:

*It is not suggested to save anything else to this SD card with formatted card data loss troubles.
*It is not suggested to blindly pay for the data recovery software before you try its free or trial version to evaluate whether it is workable for you.
*It is not suggested not to prepare SD card data backups on several drives or locations in the future.

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