Formatted Partition Data Recovery from FenYuan Wu

Jun.26, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called FenYuan Wu who had used iCare software to recover lost data from partition that had been formatted to EXT4:

"…how I recover my formated partitions's data. To be honest with you, this program is really amazing that it just recover the partition that I just format it to EXT4. I never think about that I can recover them back until I see your program…Thanks,"

Here is the original email screenshot:

formatted partition data recovery

Recover Formatted Partition Data with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Generally, no matter why you do have formatted hard drive partitions into EXT4, NTFS or FAT32, etc, you are indeed possible to recover lost partition photos, games, videos, audios and files back with the with the help of iCare Data Recovery Pro by using its Deep Scan Recovery mode or Lost Partition Recovery mode before you do have rewritten any new file on the same partition. However, the final formatted partition data recovery results could be different according to different situations. Hence, if you also need recover formatted partition somehow, go read more related formatted partition data recovery problems and see what you can do to take the partition information back:

"Hi! Friends there! I formatted my partition D located on my HP laptop accidentally while I was trying to perform a format on a Nikon digital camera. And now, nearly all my collected games and videos inside this formatted partition got lost. And this laptop is running a Windows 7 OS. Please help me recover data from formatted partition. Thanks a lot!"

"Recently, laptop game partition seems to be corrupted and cannot be opened since a error warning always says: 'the drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?' And I just accidentally formatted this laptop partition and got nothing original back. But, I really need a way to recover partition files back after format. Can you help out? Thanks in advance!"

"Hello! Damaged WD hard drive partition was formatted on my Windows 8 desktop computer yesterday. And I had tried to download and install free partition file recovery tools there and recovered no wanted file back. Is it possible to recover formatted partition files in my case? Thank you very much!"

"Last night, while upgrading the Windows OS into Windows 10, my brother just mistakenly formatted my hard drive partitions and no file was left. How can I rescue lost data from formatted hard drive partition? Thanks for any advice!"

In fact, how much data people could restore from formatted hard drive partitions often depends on many elements, such as the storage device sate (whether it is damaged or how badly it has been damaged), the original partition data state (whether it is corrupted before or during the data losing process) and the formatted partition rewriting state (whether it is rewritten by new data after format), etc. Hence, different conditions may have different data recovery results. However, in your case, merely go download iCare Data Recovery and go see how much of your original data is still recoverable.

Here are simple steps for you to apply iCare Data Recovery Pro smoothly:

Step1. Arrange a different storage device to download and install iCare software to avoid permanent data loss troubles.
Step2. Select a fixable data recovery mode according to your own formatted partition cases.
Step3. Scan this formatted hard drive partition and preview scanned files.
Step4. Recover data to another storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Tips for You:
*Do nothing to the formatted partitions in case of data recovery failures.
*Do preview the scanned photos, documents and files before any purchase.
*Do prepare different storage devices to hold all restored data and also prepare data backups well.

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