Formatted Laptop D Hard Drive File Recovery from Raju

Feb, 3, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Raju who used iCare software to recover lost important files from a laptop D hard drive that had been formatted by mistaken while his brother tried to play games on his laptop:

"Hi, I was using my laptop doing some work. My mother me and send me to market to buy something. My younger brother was with me. When I was not in the home gone to market my brother try to play games in my laptop. By mistake, he formatted my D hard disk with my important files. When I came back to home I see on my laptop that my D hard disk was blank my understood that my brother has done this I see on recycle bin but it was blank I understand it was formatted. I have read about ICare Data Recovery on Internet and download. With the help of this software I scan my D hard disk I was so happy that with the help of this software I can recover my lost data…Thank you."

Here is the original email screenshot:

Recover Computer Hard Drive Data after Format with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When you do have purposely formatted computer internal hard drive with important files and found no extra data backups prepared well in advance, when you do reformatted your computer hard drive partition by mistake since there are some drive not formatted error messages, drive RAW file system error messages or virus infected issues, when you accidentally press Format button or option to erase your entire computer external hard drive without data backup updating, this iCare Data Recovery Pro is what you are looking for to recover your lost computer documents, films, games, programs, messages, mails, files and more information back. Why? The drive formatting process only makes your left drive data invisible and inaccessible, not completely erased or destroyed. Before any drive rewriting or damaging operations, you do get high possibilities to take your desired original drive contents after format with the help of reliable data recovery software like iCare Data Recovery Pro which often helps deeply scan your formatted computer internal/external hard drive, partitions, flash drives or camera/mobile phone memory cards and recover all possible lost files back with its outstanding data recovery features, like three pre-designed data recovery modes, easy-to-use data recovery interface and safe read-only design, etc. Moreover, when your hard drive is displayed as RAW format or is asking you to format, this software is also able to help you take inaccessible data back from your assigned drive before any format. It also works in recovering deleted drive files. Overall, no matter whether you lose your computer hard drive data after mistaken format, reformat, delete, virus infection, RAW file system error or more, go run this software to see whether your data is still recoverable.

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