Formatted Hard Drive Photo Document Recovery after Laptop Failure from Deeds

Jun.22, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Deeds who had used iCare software to recover all lost family photos and important documents from accidentally formatted hard drive after computer crash:

"Here's my laptop failure story from this week. My laptop crashed and I spent several days trying to recover it, finally I decided that the hard drive needed replaced. I wasn't too worried about the lost data because I had two backup drives, one that I had my entire hard drive backed up on and the second I had a restoration image on. So I decided to use one of my external hard drives as a replacement in my laptop. Unfortunately, I ended up accidentally formatting the drive I had all of my backup files on and the second drive that I installed on my laptop of course got formatted when I installed the OS on it. So I lost all of my family photos and important documents. I gave a program called iCare Recovery a shot with the hopes that I could at least recover all of my photos. I was pleasantly surprised that it was able to recovery the entire hard drive for me!! Thank you iCare Recovery, you saved me from years of regret for my stupid mistake. If you need to recover data, I recommend this program, get yours here, FREE Data Recovery Software Download - iCare OFFICIAL"

Here is the original email screenshot:

formatted hard drive file recovery after laptop failure

Recover Files from Accidentally Formatted Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

You do have also accidentally formatted your computer hard disk as above iCare Data Recovery Pro user does as below:

"Hello! I just stupidly formatted a hard drive incorrectly since I did have connected two different external hard drives on the same Windows 7 computer and planed to format one of them for latter use. Is there anyone that knows how to recover data from formatted hard drive? Thank you in advance!"

"My Dell laptop hard drive was formatted since my boy friend thought it was corrupted somehow. All the videos, games and files stored on the hard drive partitions were lost. But, I did have no idea to recover formatted hard disk data. Do you have any way to undo format? Thanks for any help!"

"My brother formatted the entire hard drive of my HP desktop mistakenly when he was trying to reinstall my Windows 8 operating system. And now, all my drive documents and files have disappeared. Please help me recover hard drive data after format. Thanks a lot!"

OK! No matter whether your formatted hard drive data loss problems are in accord with the above mentioned cases or not, it is really a great mistaken to perform a quick format or full format on a computer internal hard drive without data backups. However, also do not panic! You can still go try hard drive format recovery tools, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, to see whether they help you recover lost data back after hard drive format. With iCare Data Recovery Pro, you often are able to preview and recover many hard drive files back after a simple deep scan. Go download and use it to take chances.

Retrieve Hard Drive Data after Computer Crash/Failure with iCare Data Recovery Pro

When computer hard drive becomes inaccessible and keeps asking to format after computer crash or failure, when computer hard drive cannot be found in My Computer, but, is shown as RAW file system in Disk Management after computer crash or failure, when computer internal hard drive cannot be test by CHKDSK after computer crash or failure since CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives or when computer hard drive is corrupted and cannot be read well after computer crash or failure, do not easily format or discard this "damaged hard drive" and go start iCare Data Recovery Pro to deeply scan this storage device. Without rewriting anything new on the same hard drive after crash or failure, you are really possible to retrieve hard drive data as much as possible. In order to avoid some insecure causes, with this iCare Data Recovery Pro, you even can firstly use its free trial version to easily scan and preview hard drive documents, photos and files to check whether it helps take your desired data back.

Simple Steps to Rescue Lost Hard Drive Data:

Here are simple steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro for you to recover lost hard drive photos, videos, audios, games, office documents, applications and more files:

Step1. Download, install and launch iCare Data Recovery software on your computer.
Step2. Select a needed data recovery mode from offered three ones and also highlight your computer hard drive.
Step3. Run a deep scan on this formatted or corrupted hard drive and preview the found documents, pictures and files.
Step4. Select a different storage device to recover and store desired hard disk data.


*Avoid using this formatted or damaged hard drive to store new data, including the data recovery software data or retrieved data before a successful data recovery.
*Click and preview the scanned information carefully before you purchase a code for complete data recovery.
*Always back up important data on two or more storage devices in the future.

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