Formatted Hard Drive Pen Drive File Recovery from Ramim

Aug.1, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Ramim who had used iCare software to recover files from formatted hard drive and pen drive:

"Hello …iCare Data Recovery Pro software working with amazing result within few minutes. I recovered my formatted and damaged files from my hard drive and pen drive. I am so excited with fast and better performance result rather than others data recovery software."

Here is the original email screenshot:

formatted hard drive pen drive recovery

Retrieving Files from Formatted Hard Drive or Pen Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

In these days, accidentally formatted pen drive or hard drive videos, pictures, mails, documents, music and files are also able to be restored with the help of format recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Pro. However, the final data recovery results also vary according to different conditions. For example, when you do have rewritten new data on the same formatted hard drive or flash drive, you may finally not be able to recover all lost data back, even after you do have selected a most effective data recovery app. In some cases, when your original data is already corrupted seriously before or during the drive formatting process, you may also get no all desired data back at last. Hence, go read more related format recovery cases and retrieve the original hard drive or pen drive files as many as possible with iCare Data Recovery Pro:

"Hello! My friend mistakenly formatted his 1TB external hard drive when there were two USB hard drives connected on his Windows 7 computer. And then, I just heard nearly 20GB of original drive documents and films were all gone. But these lost files were really precious for him and could not be lost like that. Do you have any idea to recover formatted hard drive files? Any suggestion will be all right. Thanks!"

"I did accidentally format my Windows laptop hard drive since it kept asking to format. Now, this hard drive shows well on my computer, but, all my drive files, especially a couple of newly downloaded films, were all lost. Is there any solution to recover hard drive data back after format? Thanks!"

"My WD external drive seems to crash and could not be accessed after my computer has powered off suddenly. Moreover, it is also detected as RAW format in Disk Management. So, I do have formatted this crashed USB hard drive and also lost all information inside. What can I do now to recover formatted drive files? Thank you very much!"

"Hello! Toshiba USB flash drive has been formatted since it is virus attached and all newly transferred Microsoft office documents, audios and videos are erased. But, it is the only copy left now. Is it still possible to recover these deleted flash drive data after format? Any suggestion would be welcome here! Thanks a lot!"

Hello, the best thing for you right now is to stop using this formatted hard drive or flash drive and apply iCare Data Recovery Pro to take chances. As long as you drive contents are corrupted before or after the formatting process, you get high chances to retrieve lost photos, videos, messages, mails, games, apps, documents and files back after performing a deep scan there. Go download trial version of iCare Data Recovery Pro and see whether this iCare software works for you step by step:
Step1. Attach this formatted hard drive or pen drive to your computer well.
Step2. Download and install iCare Data Recovery Pro to select a fixable data recovery mode.
Step3. Scan your hard drive or USB drive that has been formatted and preview scanned information well.
Step4. Select a different computer drive to hold all restored information in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:
*Please save no new data on this formatted drive before you get a satisfying data recovery result.
*Please preview the scanned files carefully one by one and pick the recoverable ones out.
*Please save and back up all retrieved formatted hard drive or pen drive contents on other drives or locations well at last.

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