Formatted Hard Drive File Recovery from Brian

Jan, 25, 2016-iCare Recovery received a feedback from a user called Brian who had applied iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all his lost files, including many old files deleted before, from a PC hard disk that was wrongly selected to began a format while upgrading computer OS to a new version of Windows and became invalid since he killed the computer power to stop the drive formatting process in a panic:

"Tom, I am very satisfied with the iCare software. While upgrading to a new version of Windows, I accidentally began a format of the wrong drive. In a panic I killed power to my PC. Alas the drive was invalid. The iCare software found all my files and recovered old files I had deleted before."

Here is the original email screenshot:

Recover Files from Partially Formatted Hard Disk with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Have you ever selected a wrong hard disk to format and immediately stop this drive formatting process after realizing everything by improperly removing the hard disk, rebooting the computer or closing the drive formatting window in a hurry? How does your hard disk show on your PC after that partial format? Does it become RAW, invalid, not formatted or not initialized there? OK! No matter what kind of hard disk problems you have encountered after that sudden stop, your computer hard disk may not be seriously damaged and your left hard disk files, movies, documents, games and more contents are not completely lost yet. Merely stop writing anything else on this partially formatted drive and go apply iCare Data Recovery Pro there. Why? After performing a deep scan on this partially formatted hard disk by using iCare software, you often always can see and preview many found files listed on the right side of this software screen, not only the data you do have lost for this wrong format and also some photos, videos, documents, Archive files, audios and more lost or deleted long before due to accidental delete, format, reformat, drive corruption and the likes. With this software installed on your PC, you often can easily undelete memory card, flash drive and external drive data, get back missing or inaccessible files after accidental or purposely format or reformat and recover important files from SD cards, Micro SD cards, CF cards, pen drives, USB hard disk and internal hard disk with not formatted errors, RAW file system errors, virus infection issues, logical damages, not recognized drive errors, drive corruption issues and more hard disk problems.

Hence, no matter whether you do format a hard disk purposely or mistakenly, go run iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve your desired data:

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