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Sep.22, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Isar who had used iCare software to recover useful data from hard disk that was formatted:

"Sir, My harddisk was formatted and in it was some usefull data so I used icare data recovery and it worked.
So, I want to tell you that I am very thankfull to you for making such a nice software and I recommended all of my friends to use this software.
I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user.

Here is the original email screenshot:

formatted hard disk data recovery

Hard Drive Format Recovery with iCare Data Recovery Pro

In daily use, the formatting process can not only help resolve many hard drive logical damage issues, like RAW file system or unformatted hard disk problems and virus infection problems, etc, and also will erase files stored inside the drive. And, recently, you also do a quick or full format on your computer internal or external hard drive to fix the drive error problems and lose very important PC documents, games, programs, movies and files at the same time? OK! No worry! Before these PC hard drive files really get lost permanently, perform hard drive format recovery there to recover original drive data back with the help of iCare Data Recovery Pro which allows you to scan this formatted drive thoroughly and find useful information back as much as possible.

And, now, merely read more related formatted hard drive file loss cases and start iCare Data Recovery Pro to take lost drive contents back step by step:

"Hello, when I plunged my 1TB Seagate USB hard drive and 64GB USB flash drive to my Windows 7 laptop, just accidentally formatted the Seagate hard drive and wiped everything inside. And, I also heard that there were some format recovery programs which were able to help rescue reserved data from hard drive after format. But, I am afraid the situation will go worse. Do you have any idea for my case? What can I do now to recover data from formatted Seagate drive? Thanks for any suggestion."

"My Samsung external hard drive was corrupted due to virus attack this weekend. So, I formatted it and repartitioned it. However, about several hours latter, I just realized that there were still a couple of document folders had not been extracted out and backed up well before that format. Is it still possible to recover data from formatted and repartitioned hard drive? Any suggestion will be highly appreciated here! Thanks!"

"Hi! Folks! My WD portable hard disk was formatted since it was asking me to format it due to RAW file system error. The computer CHKDSK also was not available for RAW drives, so I just do a format there at that time. However, my business files and photos had not been coped out and saved elsewhere. Do you get any way for me to recover data from hard drive that is converted from RAW to NTFS? Is there any hope? Thank you in advance!"

"HI! My brother accidentally formatted his backup hard disk and lost everything important. He nearly drove crazy after trying several data recovery tools and having no satisfying data recovery results. Is there any hope to recover formatted hard drive data back with success? What should we do? Thank you for any help here!"

Hello, friends! Generally, most people get high chances to undo format their PC hard drives and retrieve lost files back in such similar formatted hard drive data loss situations before their hard drive data is completely rewritten by anything else. Hence, without adding new data on your formatted drive since then, you are also really possible to recover desired data back with reliable data recovery software, iCare Data Recovery Pro.
Hence, no matter what has happened to you, go download iCare Data Recovery Pro and see whether it works well for your case at first.
So, go follow simple steps of iCare software to have another try here:
Step1. Run iCare Data Recovery Pro and select a fixable data recovery mode according to your needs.
Step2. Pick your formatted hard disk out and start to scan it deeply.
Step3. Preview the found files and see whether this software worth trying.
Step4. Recover data to another storage device after purchasing a code to activate it.

Please Pay Attention:
*Nothing new is suggested to store on this formatted drive in case of data recovery failures.
*Since audios and videos could not be previewed before the final data recovery, you’d better carefully check the other documents, images and files carefully to decide on whether you need purchase a code for a complete data recovery.
*Timely back up all important hard drive data well before format or delete in the future.

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