Failed or Formatted External Hard Drive File Recovery from Beatriz

Aug.10, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Beatriz who had used iCare software to recover almost 95& of lost external hard drive files after severe external hard drive failure and format:

"After a severe external hard drive failure and after comparing a handful of Data Recovery Software online, I decided to purchase iCare-Recovery because I thought it had the best possibilities of recovering the important data I had lost.
It worked exactly as told and recovered almost 95 % of my files even after format. I highly recommend iCare-Recovery to anyone that needs to recover lost data. It is really simple and very reliable.

Here is the original email screenshot:

failed formatted external hdd recovery

Recovering Lost External Drive Data after Drive Failures or Format with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, friends! You are also nearly driven crazy when you do have lost very important Excel, World, PowerPoint files, images, songs, mails and more files after unexpectedly external hard drive failures or format, just like the above iCare Data Recovery Pro user? No panic! As a reliable data recovery tool, iCare Data Recovery Pro also could be your promising chance to retrieve most of your lost failed or formatted USB hard drive data back. Go read more related external hard disk file loss problems and go learn how to retrieve your wanted original drive contents back with this data recovery software as many as you can:

"Hello! My Iomega external HD has been used for several years and is failing anyhow recently. And every time when I try to transfer data from this external drive to another WD internal hard drive, there would be a error message popping out and saying it is not formatted. However, I have not copied everything important out yet. Is there any way which can help me recover data from failing external hard drive? Thanks for any help!"

"Hi! I have a Seagate USB portable hard disk that used on my Windows 8 PC. But, it got formatted and overwritten last night by mistake. And it also did not show up in My Computer after I suddenly stopped that formatting process. Is it possible to recover data from partially formatted external drive? If not, do you know anything else to help me out? Thank you very much!"

"Hey! I am looking for solutions to restore data from external hard drive after format. Toshiba USB hard drive just formatted when CHKDSK was not available for RAW drives. I just searched that the RAW format should be formatted from RAW to NTFS. So, I just performed a quick format there and lost nearly 1.5GB of World documents and files. Hope you can give me some advice to recover data from external drive after mistaken format. Thank you!"

"The other days, I just fall my WD removable hard drive to ground while I was trying to transfer data to my Windows laptop. And now, this hard drive just could not be found in My Computer and also was displayed as not initialized in Disk Management. Is it failed due to that sudden dropping? Is it still possible to recover drive files? Please help me retrieve failed hard drive data. Thanks"

Hello! Firstly, learn a lesson to make external hard drive data backups well from now on since any computer hard drive or the like storage device will often fail sooner or latter. And then, right now, in order to get your drive data back as much as possible, immediately stop moving any fresh data to this failed, failing or formatted USB hard drive and apply iCare Data Recovery Pro to scan and recover your desired data back.
Here are simple steps for you to use iCare Data Recovery Pro with ease and success:
Step1. Download and launch iCare Data Recovery Pro on your phone storage devices, but, not this failed or formatted USB hard drive.
Step2. Select fixable data recovery modes and start scanning process on this failed or formatted drive.
Step3. Preview the scanned files to select the recoverable ones out.
Step4. Recover and save everything restored on another storage device or location in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:
*Preview the scanned images, documents and files carefully to see whether our software is worth trying before any purchase.
*If your external hard drive is really seriously failed and could not be recognized on any computer or machine, you’d send it to professional data recovery companies or workshops for helps.

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