External Hard Disk USB Drive Data Recovery from Sundara

Jul.8, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from a iCare Data Recovery Pro user called Sandara who had used iCare software to approximately 80%-85% of original data from a few external hard disks and USB drives:

"Hello Tom,
Thanks for your quick response. I'm very much satisfied with the performance of the SW... However I do not want to go with other SW, since I do not faced any difficulties in retrieving dates so far from few external hard disk and few USB drives.
The data recovery percentage could be an approximately 80-85%. Also I am always telling my colleagues on the best performance of this SW…Thanks and regards

Here is the original email screenshot:

external hard disk usb drive recovery

Retrieving Data from External Hard Disks or USB Drives with iCare Data Recovery Pro

iCare Data Recovery Pro, as an effective data recovery solution, always help recover 80%, even 100% of original storage device Microsoft office documents, pictures, audios, videos, mails, messages and more files from your USB hard disks and USB drives.
And now go read more related external hard drive or flash drive data loss troubles caused by accidental delete, format, reformat, drive not formatted errors, drive RAW file system errors and more, and see what you can go take your device contents back step by step:

"Hello, I could not read PPT and Word documents from my Western Digital USB hard drive any longer since it kept asking to reformat. The data inside this external drive was very important. Do you have any way to recover data from not formatted USB hard drive? Thanks for any help!"

"I had a Seagate USB portable hard drive purchased about several weeks ago. Yesterday, while trying to copy a couple of photo folders and video folders to computer partitions, several folders just were deleted by mistaken. I had tried several free deleted file recovery software. But, none of them took all my needed files back. What am I supposed to do now for retrieving deleted USB hard drive files? Thanks in advance!"

"Hey! I used my Toshiba USB flash drive on my Windows 7 computer and turned off the computer without removing the connected USB drive that night. And then, next morning, after opening the same computer again, this flash drive just needed to be formatted. I had tried CHKDSK, but, the CHKDSK was not available for RAW drive. Please Help me recover flash drive data when it is in RAW."

"My girl friend formatted a USB pen drive while trying to update her Windows 7 operating system. There was no drive backup. So, she did have to try formatted USB drive file recovery software. But, we do know nothing about such tools. Do you have any recommendation for us? Thank you very much!"

OK! In most cases, after mistaken delete, format, RAW format errors or not formatted errors, your files inside external hard drives and USB drives are OK before you rewrite them all with new information on the same storage space. So, before they all are gone permanently, go recover them all back with iCare Data Recovery Pro which is produced to help people retrieve numerous documents, photos, songs, films, games, applications and files from original external drives and flash drives as possible as it can.

Here are some common steps for you to use iCare Data recovery Pro:
Step1. Download and install trial version to evaluate whether this iCare Data Recovery Pro works for your cases.
Step2. Run this software and select Recovery modes based on your own data loss cases.
Step3. Scan your USB drive or external drive and preview files to see whether you need to pay for an activation code.
Step4. Recover deleted or lost files to another flash drive or USB hard drive in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:

*You’d better not format or rewrite this USB hard drive or flash drive with data loss troubles before you perform successful data recovery processes there.
*You’d better arrange a different storage device to hold restored information to avoid worse data loss troubles.
*You’d better preview the scanned information to see how much is still recoverable and evaluate whether it is needed for your case before any purchase.
*You’d better save several copies of everything important on several drives or locations as backups in the future.

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