Deleted Windows Computer Picture and Video Recovery from Fernando

Aug.12, 2016—iCare Recovery received a feedback from an user called Fernando who had used iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover all pictures and videos of his first son after he deleted them accidentally and found they were not placed in the Recycle Bin:

"Hello there... first of all I would like to thank you for this software.
I purchased it a year ago and used it twice.
The first day that I started to look for a data recovery program, was because I accidentally erased more than 40 files (pics & vids of my first son) trying to make a backup in order to reinstall my Windows OS...
What I actually did was select all the files that I thought were already backed up and clicked the right button of my touchpad and deleted them... When you delete a huge amount of files, those aren't placed in the recycle bin... Those are erased directly with no chance of recovering them again because of the huge size...
Suddenly my wife asked me for those pictures and videos and you can imagine my expression... Where are those files? So I hurried and downloaded the free version of Icare Data Recovery and tried to recover something…what I saw was that the program worked! So I decided to purchase the PRO version and worked great! I recovered ALL the info lost…

Here is the original email screenshot::

deleted windows computer file recovery

Retrieving Deleted or Erased Files from Windows Computer Hard Drive with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Hello, friends! If you also wrongly select the important files and folders to delete and find no file erased back from Windows computer Recycle Bin, just like the above iCare Data Recovery Pro users? Or you just shift delete your computer external hard drive or flash drive files and find computer Recycle Bin is also emptied? No worry! iCare Data Recovery Pro could be a promising data recovery tool for you to scan your Windows computer hard drive and take your preferable pictures, videos, music, mails, messages and files back. Here, go read more related Windows computer deleted file recovery cases and learn how you can recover computer files back after delete:

"Hello. I am using a Windows 7 Samsung laptop and accidentally deleted nearly 25GB of videos and songs with shift delete off from my D drive. How can I recover permanently deleted files from Windows 7 PC? Please help me recover files deleted. Thanks!"

"Hello! Is there anyone who can help me recover files deleted from Windows 8 internal hard drive? I just permanently erased several music and file folders off from my E partition last night while trying to expand my C partition space. All these files were not in Recycle Bin. Thanks for any solution here!"

"My friend deleted a folder that he was not supposed to erase. But, he had saved only one copy of these deleted files inside his Samsung external hard drive and now rescued nothing back from computer recycle bin folder. How can we undo delete his external hard drive files now? Any advice could be highly appreciated here! Thanks!"

No matter whether you can find your deleted Windows computer files from the Recycle Bin or not, stop using that PC internal hard drive or storage device with files accidentally deleted and download iCare Data Recovery Pro to see whether it helps recover your files deleted with success. Its deleted file recovery mode could be a good choice for you.
Read more detailed data recovery steps of iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

Step1. Download and launch data recovery software on your Windows computer.
Step2. Pick Deleted File Recovery or Deep Scan Recovery mode from its main screen.
Step3. Scan your storage devices deeply and preview the found files there.
Step4. Select a different storage device or location to hold all retrieved information in case of data recovery failures.

Please Note:
*Avoid saving any data recovery software information on the internal hard drive or partition with deleted file loss troubles.
*Avoid saving retrieved information on the same drive or partition in case of permanent data loss.
*Avoid saving everything important on only one computer hard drive or storage device again in the future.

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